Public Schools Vs Homeschools Essay

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Education plays a huge role in one’s life; which is why some parents search on and on for the perfect form of education that best suits their child. Although the majority would turn to public schools as their number one choice of education, home school can come with many perks too. The big question that consumes everyone’s mind; what is the best form of education that I can offer for my child? Will it be homeschool, or public school?

Chosen by the majority of parents, public school is considered to be the most popular choice of education. Public schools is widely popular due to the fact that it is accessible to all citizens .To Illustrate, public schools are there for a reason, it is to ensure that everyone and anyone can receive an education to better the ...view middle of the document...

Homeschooling on the other hand is entirely different from public schools. Homeschooling may not be as popular as public schooling, but it is certainly not a bad option to consider. To further explain myself, homeschooling offers a better education since the student is given one on one class sessions with the top teachers out there; which often leads students to score higher in standardized tests than public school students. Also homeschool students are more likely to take up jobs due to their ample amount of free time that they have. Most homeschool students are choose this type of education for the sole reason to only balance between schoolwork and daily jobs since homeschooling usually takes up only 4 hours of your day, which makes it easier for students to earn some extra cash. However homeschooling is completely shut out from the outside world, therefore some students find it very hard to make friends which may lead the students to get lower grades, since social activity is crucial to one’s academic performance. To further explain myself, a homeschooled student can get straight As, but because he/she has no social contact he/she may lose all interest to do any work.

To conclude, each form of education serves the same exact outcome; to educate students, but both contrast. Homeschools and public schools both have their pros and cons, but at the end it all comes down to the student and which way suits he/she the best; that is why students who prefer more social active learning should stick with public schools and students who prefer more private lessons should go for homeschooling. On and all, it is vital that we come up with proper decisions to provide the best future for the coming generation.

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