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Public School vs. School Choice
The education system is a very complex one. A common controversial topic is whether public school or school choice is a better option for a student. In my opinion, I would go with the public school system. There are many factors as to why I believe public is better than school choice, including reasons like location, religion, selectivity, and education itself.
Unlike private schools, public schools are neighborhood schools, so there isn’t much issue for students with travel. Many private schools are far and must require a child to travel further from home. With distance between a student’s home and private school possibly greater than that of a public school, the amount of gas usage is greater. Parents must also remember financial considerations. The cost of private schools may be unreasonable to some families, even ...view middle of the document...

These top two schools are public schools. From what I was told by parents, many of them enroll their children into these school choice systems thinking they are better than public schools. One quality of private schools that appeal to parents most is the safety of school grounds. National studies show that private schools are safer than public schools. One quality that I like about public schools, that most private schools don’t provide, is the special education program. Public schools are required by law to provide education to meet the needs of all students, including those with special needs. Not many private schools offer special education programs, and if they do, it may not be within the right learning environment for a student with special needs.
One reason why parents prefer school choice over public schools is the teaching of religion. The separation of church and state renders it impossible to teach religion in public schools; however, private schools can proclaim a specific religion and have more freedom to recognize and celebrate holidays that may have their religious connection. What many parents dislike about private schools is the selectivity. Public schools must accept all students of any race and the surrounding neighborhoods will determine the student population, academic ability, and economic background. As a result, public schools have a very diverse community. Private schools tend to be more academically and economically selective. This brings a division amongst the students because of the lack in diversity.
The only valid reason I can understand for sending a child to a school that requires tuition is so the transcript will look more appealing when applying for college. Colleges like seeing students attending private schools, because these schools offer certain classes that public schools don’t. There are still many other factors to why public schools are better than public, but as for now, these are my main reasons why I choose public over private.

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