Public Policing Vs Private Security Essay

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Public Policing Versus Private Security
Trina Burkett
March 19, 2012
Dr. Pamela Knothe

Public Policing Versus Private Security
When comparing public policing to private security there are several similarities and differences between the two roles. Private security is paid by a private company or agency, whereas public policing is paid by government salaries and by tax payers. Public police officers have the authority to enforce laws and protect and serve society. Private security officers are paid to protect private property and personnel. Most of the duties that public policing and private security officers perform are similar. The services that both officers perform ...view middle of the document...

Another difference between public policing and private security is that private securities main concern is the protection of corporate and personnel, while public policing main concern is with public safety and seek to enforce the laws of the criminal justice system. If a private security guard witnesses a crime being committed outside of their grounds or area of protection, it is their choice whether or not to get involved. Another difference between public policing and private security is that public policing earn the respect from the community, that private security do not earn because the work for a company or an agency and not within the community.
Both private security and public policing have several similarities and their duties overlap in several ways. Both of these agencies employ both men and women. They both also use uniforms to deter crime and to show their authority in the community. Both private security and public policing perform duties that uphold the law and keep the community and organizations crime free.
The leadership between both of these roles is similar. Both roles have a paramilitary ranking system. Within the public policing ranking system begins with officers, detectives, and sergeants. Each of the ranks reports to the highest position within their rank. Within the public policing ranks the officers report to the highest appointed officer within the government agency. The leadership ranks for private security has similar positions as public policing, such as sergeant, corporal, and senior patrol officer (Lemke, 2011). The highest rank within the private security ranks ends at the owner of the company or agency.
Public policing and private security both play important roles in the criminal justice system. Both roles deter crime with their presence. Both roles can make an arrest, investigate crimes, and prevent crimes. Public policing and private security help keep members of the community safe. Another similarity of public policing and private security is that both needs to have some type of training, private security may not need as much training as public policing but both need training to perform their duties effectively.
The different roles that public policing and private security play in the criminal justice system are that public policing are bound by enforcing the laws and policies. Private securities main focus is on keeping the company and personnel safe. Most private security is not bound by the same regulations that public police have to follow, such as reading a suspect their Miranda Rights.
There are three important elements that make up a comprehensive security plan, which are physical, personnel,...

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