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Public Institutions Essay

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Public Institutions are the base of community organization. This article was mainly about the effects that Religious Organizations have on a communities organization or disorganization, however the researches spoke on and off about the effects Multi-Issued Organizations have on a communities disorganization as well. The researchers state that churches play a large role in society, they hold food pantries, school activities, day care, and many other social events. This means that churches have a large influence on communities.
Much of the data gathered was from outside sources, the New York Times, Directory of Community Organizations in Chicago, etc. This article states that churches and ...view middle of the document...

It is also noted that the ability for people of a community to move is harmful to a religious organization but useful for organizations that focus on multiple issues.
I think the article stated many facts that I otherwise would never have noticed. I believe that, from the information they gathered, they did a wonderful job of concluding that community organizations affect the community. I agree with the statement that claims religious institutions parochially control communities, but I also agree that religious institutions do a wonderful job of reducing crime, unite communities and they assist many people. In my opinion, the article was fairly, “solid social research,” because the author didn’t seem to have a specific stance on religious institutions. The author seemed, for the most part, unbiased, however, she did mention several admirable traits of religious institutions and brought them up several times throughout the article. The only negative trait I seemed to read from the article was that religious institutions seem to have parochial control in communities. This led me to believe she was a religious person herself, however, she did do a pretty...

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