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Pub Work Essay

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European parliament- It is not part of the United Kingdom however it plays a major role on the citizens of the EU and the United Kingdom. The EU consist of 27 countries, the European parliament is responsible for providing laws such as how much pollution a business can produce a year this is called the emission trading. This is where there is a limit on how much co2 business can produce a year. Another law is the movements of workers and goods between countries a good example would be the movement of migrants from A8 countries in 2004 who started to migrate into the UK. The European parliament is also responsible for providing laws on transport and equal opportunities for individuals.
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The government of Scotland is independent which means that they are able to pass on new laws without having to go through the United Kingdom parliament.

• The Welsh assembly- Is very similar to the Scottish assembly they deal with issues such as education, health by allocating budget, public services by investing in more money and creating new policies and agriculture and rural affairs. Other main duties include developing policies and producing Welsh laws. Wales have a Minister who is elected by the whole executive and is usually the leader of the Largest political party. Difference between the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly is that Wales does not have authority over its own criminal and civil law. The welsh assembly is governed by the UK.
• The Northern Ireland assembly – Just like Wales and Scotland it has responsibilities for education, health, agriculture, housing and so on. It’s based in Stormont and there is eight political parties represented within it. The conflict between the different parties in the Northern Ireland has in the past led to an unstable assembly. They are also governed by the UK.

• The London Assembly- is a scrutinising body with 25 elected members. Of these members fourteen of them are constituency members they were elected on a direct vote like MP's and Councillors and 11 London members who are appointed from a list drawn up by each party. The London assembly has very similar responsibilities as the other such dealing with health and education by setting budget, inforcing nw policies.

Local authorities- Many parts of the UK have three types of local government which would be the county council the district council and parish. In some parts of the Uk there is just 1 type of local government providing all the service. Others include metropolitan and unitary. Main roles of these include
County: They deal with the infrastructure in the community such as roads as well as deal with the education system in the county by providing laws for schools to follow and taking care of waste disposal. An example would be West Sussex County.
District: Dealing with the environment in the district this could be by planting trees in open areas, collecting waste, cleaning out parks and collecting and setting council tax and dealing with education in the district.
Parish: They aim to help locals this could would be things like issue fines to those that litter or don’t collect/clean up after their dogs in parks. As well as dealing with local parks by replacing broken equipment by fixing it up.
Metropolitan : Responsibilities include dealing with Education, Emergency Planning, Environmental Health. A metropolitan is large cities within a county for example Liverpool or Leeds.
Unitary: Responsibility’s include dealing with Highways by making sure they run smoothly. If an accident was to occur they would be there to deal with it. Other responsibilities include Traffic and social services

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