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Pttls Assignment 4 Principles Of Assessment

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Explain the role of Assessment in teaching and learning process.
1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development.
“Assessment is a way of finding out if learning has taken place. It enables you to ascertain if a student has gained the skills, knowledge and/or attitudes needed at a given point towards their programme of learning”. Gravells (2010 page 110). It is primarily a gauge for the teacher and student to be able to measure progress against set criteria. Assessment can be broken down according to its purpose, that of assessment for learning, assessment as learning, assessment of learning and evaluation.
Assessment for learning may begin with initial and ...view middle of the document...

By the teacher understanding these difficulties changes can be made for example the student can be allotted more time to complete a written exam, or as studies show students with dyslexia can perform these tasks better with a computer aided programmes such as e learning.
Verbal or written feedback to the student during a course of learning should take place on a regular basis. This should involve the student evaluating their own performance and point of achievement as well as feedback and evaluation from the teacher. This helps motivate the student, lets them identify their own weaknesses and strengths and indicates to the teacher and student to identify any gaps in their learning thereby making changes in order for the student to attain the required standard. In my own training performing the practical exercise of resuscitation the student will be given ample opportunity to practise the skill, to be ready and prepared to achieve the required standard in any Summative assessment.
The reflection by a student on their own ability and performance is also linked to the Assessment as learning. The student is self aware of the goals of instruction and the set criteria they need to achieve. They can learn from their own strengths and weaknesses giving them a degree of responsibility and includes them in the assessment process. This will be ongoing throughout the learning process and encourages and stimulates the student to move forward with their thinking.
Assessment of Learning takes the form of Summative assessment which usually takes place at the conclusion of a lesson or course. It can take several forms such as a written or oral exam, final submission of a body of work or a practical demonstration. The assessment will be carried out to set criteria so that a student’s achievement will be marked against a measured standard. This will give the teacher an understanding of a student’s acquired knowledge. Students do not always perform at their best in some summative assessments such as written exams. Holistic assessment allows a teacher to assess several aspects of a students work, possibly formulated by a series of modules or units combining to give an overall mark within set criteria. This allows a student to show his understanding in a variety of teaching styles. An example in my own teaching practise where a student performing a practical demonstration missed certain aspects of the criteria required could be asked questions about certain elements they may have failed to demonstrate for an indication of understanding giving the assessor the opportunity to provide a grade.

1.2 Define the key concepts and principles of assessment.
The key concepts and principles of assessment include:
* Fairness
* Reliability
* Validity
* Current
* Safe
The assessment must be fair, this will begin by ensuring that the assessment process is suitable for all students, it needs to be inclusive for all. They should understand what the...

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