Ptlls Q1 Teacher's Role Reponsibilities, Boundaries

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Describe what your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher are
in Terms of the Teaching/ Training Cycle

Describe what Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries would be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

The Teaching Training Cycle

- The teaching/training cycle comprising five distinct stages :
- Identifying needs
- Plan and design learning
- Delivery
- Assessment
- Evaluation.

To achieve effective teaching/training the facilitator must have comprehensive knowledge about his role, responsibilities and boundaries throughout the whole cycle.

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Planning &Delivering

After identifying my students' needs my role is to plan and design my first training session by confirming the subject, date, time, place and length of the appointment. Prior the appointment I always discuss and agree with the candidates any problems which may rise during the appointment such as confidentiality in terms of service users' records or obtaining permission from the Company's Manager to conduct the session within candidate's work place. Planning and designing my training session thoroughly provides effective assessment of the candidate and quiet, relaxing atmosphere.


To deliver successful NVQ training as an assessor I need to have comprehensive knowledge of NVQ Standards and very good practical skills related to them. I strive to keep up to date my knowledge and practical skills by Continued Professional Development which give me confidence when I assess learners' competence, when I answer their questions or give them an advice.

My role is to use agreed assessment methods for assessing candidate such as direct observations, questioning, examine their portfolio of evidence and knowledge questions.

I conduct the session with friendly manner and always spend the first 5-10 minutes to make informal conversation with the candidate which I find is a good ice-breaker.

My responsibility is to keep good record of the candidates assessments using different methods. Nowadays most acceptable method is audio recording as it is more reliable and can be used as a physical evidence of the candidate's performing and competence.

After each session I provide feedback of students' performance, stressing on the good points of their competence to encourage their learning process and achieving better performance at the next session. When students do not meet the requirements of performance criteria I discuss it with them in appropriate way and give them advice how to achieve good results until next appointment.


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