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Psychotherapy Final Project Essay

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Psychotherapy Final Project
Rafael Ruelas
Sport Psychology
Capella University
Introduction to Theories of Psychotherapy PSY6310
Summer 2013
Dr. Mankoff
September 12, 2013

According to Bateman, Brown and Pedder (2000), psychotherapy refers to the treatment of emotional or mental disorders and adjustment problems through applying psychotherapy techniques as opposed to chemical and biological interventions. Psychotherapy is dependent on verbal exchange between the therapist and the person seeking help-commonly referred to as psychoanalysis. Therapeutic relationships are characterized by mutual trust between the two players with the main objective of helping individuals ...view middle of the document...

The patient is not normally aware of the problem. The following is an interview of with a 19 year old woman who has several complications resulting from her desire to lose weight including attempted suicide:
Janet is 19 years old whose boyfriend of 2 years abandoned her following her decision to lose almost 60 % of her weight. She was previously weighing 120 pounds but has lost 60% of her weight and now weighs a paltry 48 pounds. Her parents have brought her to me to counsel her following the breakup of relationship with the boyfriend and identified that she was contemplating suicide. The following are is the interview;
Engaging with the patient at first instance
Psy: Hello Janet. I feel very sorry for your loss. How are you doing?
Janet: I am OK, I guess. I just cannot stop thinking about losing my relationship after having put so much in it.
Psy: I understand. I know it is real painful to break up with the one you love especially when you had big plans ahead. Can you tell me more about how you feel?
Janet: I just cannot help thinking ......(She stops and weeps )...........that if it was not for me, my boyfriend would be with me right now. I do not know how I will live with this guilt.
Psy: So you are not only dealing with the sudden break up of your relationship but you are also feeling guilty of it?
Janet: Yes .....( She weeps loudly).
Identifying the suicide ideation
Psy: You know Janet, at times when people experience a sudden break up and feel guilty about it, they contemplate suicide. Janet, (I ask while maintaining eye contact), have you contemplated suicide?
Janet: (She stops crying, pauses for a few seconds than lifts her head and says ...). Yes.
Inquiring about the reasons for behind suicidal thoughts
Me: I understand Janet. But can you tell me more about the reasons for your contemplating suicide?
Janet: I do not think I can live with this guilt any longer. All my friends are condemning me for having let my boyfriend down. . They all know that I have broken up with him. Not one of them can speak to me-they hate me one. Worst of all, my boyfriend switched off his phone. My parents too do not understand that I need to be thin and attractive. I try to be thin and they all run away, I gain weight and I stand condemned. I am convinced that everybody hates me because of my new looks. I wish I were dead. It can be a favor for them not to see me around.
Me: So then, you are really feeling lonely and let down right now. You are thinking that your boyfriend did not appreciate your sacrifices in order to look attractive to him and instead ran away.
Janet: You are right sir (Janet’ tears now turn to an angry resentment....). I will demonstrate to them in a while.
Me: What do you mean by that ?
Janet: (keeps Quiet then says)....If I commit suicide, they will rejoice that I am no longer around to stain their conscience. Then I will be happy in my grave with no-one to stare at me.
[I hereby identify that Janet is...

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