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Psychology Perspectives Essay

552 words - 3 pages

Ethan Dorden
Dr. Brian Ray
Theatre 1100
November 30, 2014

In the play The Odd Couple there were many significant items that made the play come together like the lights, costumes, characters, sound, and even the type of stage/play area. The play itself was the most important part where all these items come together.
The play opens at Olive’s sloppy apartment, where she has friends over. Even though the girls has liquor they decided to drink diet soda and not even gossip. Florence shows up late, ready to commit suicide because she's just broken up with her husband. With nowhere else to go, Florence moves in with Olive. Scene 2, Jesus and Manolo Costazuela, Spanish brothers who go on an awkward ...view middle of the document...

Florence does not even think about olive and what she wants at this point. All Florence wants is a clean house, a nice meal, and her kids.
The characters of the play had very distinct parts were they had to feel their character to make the audience believe that these events in the play were really going on in their life witch I thought they did a great job at that. They have shown the 80’s how it really was, the smoking, heavy make-up, the loud cars in the background, the clothes they had on were all perfect for each characters part.
The theatre space for this play is called a proscenium or picture-frame stage, because the audience is only in the front of the audience, the lighting is over the orchestra space facing the actors, there was a proscenium frame around the front of the stage, two side wings, and a fly loft.
The lights of the play were very important, because without lights you would not be able to set the right mood or tone of the play. In this play I seen many automated lights witch are very easy to adjust and control with just a touch of a button. These automated lights were preprogramed for each scene so that the play could move smoothly with no interruptions. I thought the lighting was excellent in this play, and I did not see any mistakes.
Over all this play was very good to me, there were some serious moments but a lot of funny moments that made the audience laugh. The characters did great performances I felt like I was really in the room with them in the 80’s. Every detail for every character was spot on, and the props fit the time period and the type of girls in the play perfectly. This was just a wonderful play and I will defiantly be going back to see more.

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