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Psychology Of Consumerism 2013 Real World Brand Cases

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On September 20, 2013, the new iPhone 5s was launched in retail stores. Retail locations saw queues winding around the block in the U.S, Australia and China to name a few. People stood, sat and camped on the streets, refusing to leave the line for fear of losing their spot. One customer was willing to wait 27 hours in line for phone. The target audience for this event includes other phone users who may be convinced of the iPhone 5s’ value after seeing others’ dedication. The media is also a target as Apple stands to gain free publicity by from the hype generated by the long lines.

As a result of the influences of social proofing, Apple is likely to receive ...view middle of the document...

Positive brand associations of Apple include qualities like creativity, innovation and style. Through symbolic self-completion, people who feel that their identity is lacking in these qualities may compensate through the iPhone. By displaying their ownership of a product whose brand is associated with the desired qualities, these people hope to reflect said qualities onto their own identity.


This print advertisement features an enzyme-based dietary supplement claiming to help digest foods that cause gas. The ad was published in the November 2013 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. The ad is a one-page full color spread displaying the product in the foreground with a variety of gas producing vegetables in the background. The tagline reads, “Be natural with beano: and prevent gas, bloating and discomfort”. While the ad is published in Cosmo and intended to be primarily read by women ages 16 - 35, the ad also targets friends or family of female readers who may suffer from the condition.

This advertisement is a good example of goal activations because the ad seeks to encourage a desired consumer behavior by widening the gap between the current state and the desired state. The current state, experiencing pain during and after meals, is highlighted with the usage of words such as “bloating” and “discomfort” while the desired state is made more appealing with words like “natural” and “digest”. In addition, the appetizing display of foods triggers the reader’s physiological need to eat and attempts to seduce the reader with foods that would other be considered “off limits” given their condition.

To a lesser degree, the ad also appeals to the reader’s status and belonging needs since on a subconscious level, the reader may be aware that the condition can be a source of public embarrassment. In order to not embarrass oneself unintentionally, and to fit in with others at the table, those with the condition may be motivated to try the product. This appeal is not explicitly exemplified in the ad however as the company may not want to make the message too vulgar or off-putting as to deter potential customers.

One improvement to this ad involves the theory of spreading activation. The name of the product, “beano”, can trigger spreading activation of negative concepts. Specifically, the name “beano” is likely to remind people of beans, a food type that is associated with causing gas production. Target consumers may read the name and be put off by the product because their minds are led to think about the idea of or a time when they ate beans and consequently suffered physical or social discomfort. A suggestion would be to modify the name so that the association with beans is not as strong. For example, changing the letter “a” to “e” could make the association less explicit without any phonetic changes.


With the launch of Asbolut’s new product, “Absolut Tune”, the company released a two page...

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