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Psychology Literature Review

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Step by step programme & literature review

Assignment two
Module 3
Communication is everything when it comes to self concept. Self identity is brought about by three pillars, namely; the family, the peers and the friends. The kind of communication that is done by the family, the friends and the peers define own perception, and if an individual takes this seriously, it may impact positively or negatively on the life of the person.
Johari window represents the knowledge of self, either from the heart or from other people. Generally, it emphasizes on the fact that a person knows himself or herself more than any other person. It ...view middle of the document...

It is always good to listen to any information given to you and not to interrupt the person. One should show enough empathy, and in addition should reinforce necessarily. It is appropriate to use physical tough in the course of disclosure and confidentiality is highly valued.
Trust is important in any form of disclosure. In self disclosure, trust comes as self confidence that what one is aspiring to give out would be received well. Trust also comes in the sense that the disclosed information would not be used by others to one’s disadvantage.
Perception is being aware of anything that a person wishes to do or has done and knowing of the stimuli that he or she has selected among many other stimuli. Perception is good because it influences on the kind of meaning we give to something, and is known to be a strong foundation of relations with others.
Perception has generally ruled in any kind of communication that I make. For example, I am always aware that some communication can kill interpersonal relations, and such are highly avoided. Effective communication is when the communication achieves the purposes, and in being aware of some of these communications, planning is made.
Human communication is influenced by people around. These people form culture, and this culture comes with certain forms of perceptions. Any member of a particular culture is given some notions about how the world is, the structure and meanings that are attached to particular actions and behaviors.
Module 4
Response to something shows that one is concerned or is aware of what has bedeviled the other. For example, in showing some forms of empathy and sympathy to another person, it shows that you are concerned. It is very crucial for it strengthens the kind of relations one has had with the affected person.
Physical response is when a persons shows real empathy; for example, use of body language. It is good because it enhances receptivity. On the other hand, psychological responding is when one opens to another person’s experience.
For showing a supportive and trusting kind of climate when starting a listening process, there are a number of things to be considered. These are, always being mindful of situations present in the environment, receiving the communication physically, always using a selective perception, being organized; interpreting the codes presented during communication, responding to others well and always remember the communication.
Effective listening means that a person gets everything that is said by the other. For example, if a person is opening up on some problems that he or she is in, listening keenly makes one develop quick means of attending and responding. For this, the kind of empathy shown would be genuine, and a deeper form of interpersonal relations would be created.
Silence, passive listening and reflective listening can be compared. Silence may mean that a person is not putting...

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