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Psychology And Health In The Workforce

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Petal Petgrave


Catherine Doughty

Psychology of Health in the Workplace Paper

Health and Psychology are overlapping concepts that describe the well-being and mental influences that motivate to respond to their health psychologically and physically. Health can be explained as optimal wellness or type of illness (Sarafino, 2011). In other words, health is whether someone is experiencing symptoms or simply how their current state of their body. This essay will take a look at the interrelatedness of health and psychology, health in the workforce, and ...view middle of the document...

A positive factor of promoting health and wellness is less absences and productive employees. The wellness programs within workplace offer information on nutrition, as well as nutritious meals to influence health eating habits. Wellness organization within workforce centers also deals with discussed issues such as hypertension, cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, and stress. Workout centers are even places within employment facilities to stimulate employees to partake in physical activity (Sarafino, 2011). Moreover, promoting health and wellness in the workforce might persuade employees to motivate their families to take care of their health.

Lifestyle Improvements to Enhance Health

There are many ways lifestyle choices can be altered to enhance wellness and deflect illnesses. Maintaining a nutritious diet, abstaining from smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, partaking in physical activity, utilizing protection during sexual intercourse, and reducing stress levels (Sarafino, 2011). Sustaining a nutritious diet is a must for...

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