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Psychology And Diabetes Essay

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Psychology and Diabetes

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Diabetes is often referred to as diabetes mellitus and can be defined as a condition in which an individual has high levels of blood sugar as a result of inadequate or insufficient production of insulin in the body. Additionally, it may be caused by the failure of body cells to respond appropriately to the insulin. As such, patients usually have a higher than normal rate of urination. Majority of the world’s population usually acquire diabetes due to poor dietary habits thus increasing their risk of contracting the disease. However, practicing healthy dietary practices can go a long ...view middle of the document...

On its part, psychology plays a major role in ensuring the well being of individuals living with diabetes. These include counseling and giving of proper advice with regard to various psychological problems which are precursors to contraction of diabetes. Such psychological problems include depression, stress and anxiety all of which play a significant role in the mental health of individuals (Snoek & Skinner, 2005). Through the intervention of psychology experts and professionals, patients are able to have relief with regard to mental health by relieving their emotional and social distress. As such, psychology professionals help patients with diabetes to shun unhealthy dietary behaviors and thus adopt proper dietary habits. Of all the professionals involved in the treatment of diabetes, psychologists bear the greatest responsibility since they offer direct services to the affected individuals.
Various regimen tasks have t be followed so as to control the diabetes level of a patient. These include diet plans, insulin administration, testing of blood sugar level and regular exercise (Illovsky, 2013). However, non-adherence to the regimen often results to various complications which can be attributed to the mental health of the individual. To ensure that there is a proper adherence to the regimen task; psychologists can provide the patients with adequate social support and encouraging the latter to practice healthy habits. Moreover, psychotherapy may provide the necessary treatment to the patient since non-adherence is often associated with various psychological problems such as depression, stress and eating disorders.
Risk factors that can be controlled in the management of diabetes
Risk factors which are capable of being controlled in the management of diabetes often lie on the individual sphere. These include weight, sedentary lifestyle, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and smoking (Snoek & Skinner, 2005). These factors usually play a significant role in the health of an individual living with diabetes. As such, it’s paramount to control these risk factors so as to prevent oneself from contracting the disease. Since these risk factors only worsen the situation in the management and prevention of diabetes, psychologists should thus encourage behavioral change so as to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.
Uncontrollable risk factors
The uncontrollable risk factors associated with diabetes include race/ethnicity, family history and age (Weiner et al., 2003). Since these factors are beyond an individual’s control, little can be done in preventing the disease. For instance, a particular ethnic may be vulnerable to diabetes and thus may have a higher rate of contracting the disease than another. In such instances, the individual has little that he/she can do in avoiding the disease. However, psychologists can help to enlighten individuals on their risk of contracting diabetes and thus offer moral support with regard to...

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