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Psychological Testing Paper

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Psychological Testing Paper
University of Phoenix
PSY/475: Psychological Test and Measurements

Psychological Testing Paper
There comes a time when we all come across a specific test such as school tests, driving test, or even as simple as food tasting test. However, there is a difference between regular tests and testing’s when referring to psychological testing. There are several different psychological tests that many psychiatrists, psychologists, and school counselors use to determine certain abilities, however each of the tests are used for a specific purpose. It is vital for the individuals to contain high knowledge of the tests before applying it to ...view middle of the document...

Second, the achievement tests are created to help determine the placements of students in school based on their knowledge and skills. Achievement tests are subdivides in to batteries, single subject, and certification and licensing, government sponsored programs, and individual assessment tests (Hogan, 2007).
Third of the major category tests is the personality tests, with this test professionals are able to determine the reasoning of the human personality. Within this category it is also alienated into other subdivisions such as objective tests and projective techniques (Hogan, 2007). Next is the interest and attitudes tests, these tests are put together to help individuals maintain focus on a specific subject of interests either if it is in school or in a job placement. This category is subdivided by vocational interests and attitude scales (Hogan, 2007). Lastly, the neuropsychological tests, the main purpose of this test is to illustrate information of the functioning of the central nervous system, mainly focusing on the information coming from the human brain (Hogan, 2007).
Uses and Users
Just as all psychological tests are categorized, not all tests are applied for the same use and the same users. Each test is done by a trained or professional to determine what is the situation based on the results and to see what treatment is best for the individual. There are four major psychological tests users are clinical, educational, personal and research (Hogan, 2007). Clinical users are professionals in the psychology field of clinical psychology, counseling, school psychology and neuropsychology. Psychologists use several methods of tests to identify the nature and severity of the problem, and perhaps provide some suggestions on how to deal with the problem (Hogan, 2007). The users of educational settings are teachers, educational administrators, parents and the general public. The...

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