Psychological Testing Essay

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Psychological Testing
February 25, 2012

Psychological Testing
Psychological testing is a recognized way to measure an individual’s knowledge, skill, abilities, characteristics, traits, and behavior. This type of testing is a way to introduce an individual’s personality, and a tool to help organizations select the appropriate employee. The ability test, personality test, and emotional intelligence test are just a few of the many tests available. A good test is one that is reliable and valid. A reliable test will work the same each time it is administered, and a valid test measures what it intends to measure. Although ethical issues exist, many psychological testing is both valid ...view middle of the document...

The test will cover questions and problems that will measure an individual’s ability to learn, use logic, reasoning, reading comprehension, and other mental abilities that are important to the job ("Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology", 2012). Psychomotor abilities are tasks that involve body movement and manipulation of objects. These abilities involve coordination between movement and senses and the accuracy of movements, for example hand-eye coordination (Spector, 2008).
Personality Tests
Each individual has different personality traits, which is a tendency to behave in a certain way in different situations. Personality traits are important when concerning job performance and the type of job an individual is best suited for (Spector, 2008). An individual who is sociable will do better at a job interacting with other people, whereas someone who is shy will do better at a desk job. Personality tests are designed to assess innate predispositions and tendencies. Some personality types can predict certain behaviors that may be important to certain jobs and organizations (Spector, 2008).
Psychological tests can provide information or a single trait or entire personality profiles (Spector, 2008). These tests can also assess the Big Five personality measurements of extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness ("Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology", 2012). Understanding the different personality types can be important when looking for specific jobs. For example, an organization that requires sales and communication might look for an individual who has an extroversion personality because he or she would accommodate better with the organization’s goals.
Emotional Intelligence Tests
Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to control and recognize emotions in others and in oneself (Spector, 2008). Obtaining this type of intelligence can help an individual be more socially skilled, which enables him or her to be aware of and to control the influence on others. This type of intelligence is neither a personality trait nor a cognitive ability, rather it is an emotional state that has been developed (Spector, 2008).
There are two types of EI assessments: the trait test and information-processing test. The trait test measures EI as a personality characteristic open to the individual’s awareness. This test looks like a personality scale, and individuals respond to each item by stating how well it describes them (Spector, 2008). The information-processing test is based on the assumption that EI is not accessible to an individual’s awareness. This test would reveal an individual’ EI based on how he or she answers the test (Spector, 2008).
Psychological Testing for Pre-employment or Retention
Psychological testing is not only used for interviews for selecting employees, but can also be used during employment (Spector, 2008). Ability tests are often used in pre-employment to determine if...

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