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Psychological Life Quality Factors Essay

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Stimulation means the presence of stimuli that increase a person's arousal to a comfortable level, making life interesting and challenging for them, without stimuli life may be very boring. Stimulation in the residential home is provided on a day to day basis as the clients are always busy; this could be when they go to volunteer in charity shops such as the British Heart Foundation , when they go to work or when they get themselves involved in activities that have been organised by residential officers in the building eg: arts and crafts and sports activities. The adults living in the building will have a sense of independence as they’re not staying inside of their ...view middle of the document...

Also, a notice board is kept in the entrance of the residential building which shows peoples rotors for the week coming up; this includes things such as which days they’re working, when they’ve arranged to go out and when they have any free time to make plans. The notice board helps the clients remember what they’re supposed to be doing and they can see which officer is supporting them that day if they need assistance. The residential building has a monthly meeting with the clients in which they all speak about things they’re not happy with or things they want to carry on doing such as sporting activities which they’ve enjoyed etc. Things that will be spoken about during the meeting can be repairs within the clients flat, making sure everybody is happy and agreeable with everything going on within the home, any complaints from the staff to the clients (vice versa) and making sure everyone is sticking to the rules within the tenancy agreements such as no damage or no excess noise. However, the clients can speak about any of this at any point they need to but the meeting allows the staff to make sure communication is present and everybody is equally happy together agreeing on the same rules or ideas etc.


Choice means having or being given the opportunity to make decisions about your situation; it gives people a sense of freedom. Each individual in the care setting are given a choice about what they want to wear, what they want to eat, what they want to watch and other simple everyday tasks. They can also decide more important choices such as what career to have (if they’re capable of working) and where they would like to do some volunteering work. Each client has the choice and autonomy whether they want to take their medication on a day to day basis as nobody can be forced to do so. However, if they decide they don’t want to take their medication because they feel afraid of it or just don’t like doing so then a member of staff (usually a residential officer) will speak to them calmly and try to resolve the situation by telling them why they should take their medication and what would happen if they don’t which is providing effective communication to the client and hopefully gaining compliance.


Autonomy is having effective control over your actions and being free from coercion. Some people within the building lack autonomy as they have to ask and sign to take their own money so that they are financially stable and can pay for their care if their package is a certain price, they need to pay for their food, toiletries, other daily essentials and things such as furniture, bedding etc. Once the client has signed how much money they have taken an officer will have to confirm this and also sign, the clients lack autonomy as they have to ask to take their own money therefore have very little control over this situation. Next, they also lack autonomy as they can’t go outside after the main door is locked which is between...

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