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Psychological Effects Of Love Essay

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LOVE FROM THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVELove from the psychological perspectiveDominique DeanCalifornia State University San BernardinoAbstractThis paper explores six published articles that report on love and the psychological effects of it.The articles used in my research are all from the psychological perspectives of love and how it is viewed amongst us as a society.The goal of this paper was to view love from a different perspective and incorporate research to prove it.Many people believe love is just an emotion but little do they know it is actually triggered in your mind.Chemicals go off in your brain to create euphoria which makes you feel the feeling of love that we all wish for.Love ...view middle of the document...

It was also seen that in many species bonds only last for a breeding season.Phases of loveRomantic love is also apart of the adult attachment system for example a mother and child.Love is a basic human emotion that we all experience sometime in life.There are different phases to love.Phase 1:Being in lovePhase 2:Passional lovePhase 3:Compassionate lovethere are also 6 styles of lovingThree primary sources:1)Eros-loving an ideal person2)Ludos-loving is a game3)Storge-loving is a friendshipThree secondary sources:1)Mania (Eros+Ludos)-obsessive love2)Pragma(Ludos+Storge)-realistic & pratical3)Agape(Eros+Storge)-selfless loveTypes of loveMany think love is simply something that science cannot understand because it is seen more of a emotion.There are two basic types of love compassionate love and passionate love.Compassionate love is said to be mutual respect,attachment,affection and trust.Passionate love is seemed to be characterized by intense emotion,sexual attraction,anxiety,and affection.Passionate love is transitory usually lasting between 6 and 30 months(Fishetti 2011).Passionate love is when the person meets your preconcieved ideas of an ideal love.Passionate love leads to compassionate love.DiscussionIn the article Love is more than just a kiss:A neurobiological perspective on love and affection by De Boer,A,Van Buel,E & Ter Horst G they talked about the different stages of love.I do not feel like they had enough evidence to prove that those...

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