Psychodynamic Personality Overview Essay

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Psychodynamic Personalities Overview

Angela Harris


December 4, 2012
Dr. Patricia Stem

Personality Overview

Theories of Personality like other topics in psychology consist of many theories along with a very diverse group of theorists who developed these theories. Like other theories in psychology there are strengths and weaknesses that have to be examined. The purpose of this paper is to discuss two theories of personality, the psychoanalytic theory and the interpersonal theory. This paper will focus on a comparison of the two theories, the basic assumption of each, deterministic versus free will and the conscious motives versus the unconscious motives in a ...view middle of the document...

Horney strongly believed that society is what shapes and determines our sense of self worth, behavior, and the roles we play in society.
Harry Stack Sullivan’s interpersonal theory of personality is similar to Karen Horney’s both theorist believe that social and personal interactions play a part in the development of our personalities. Both places emphasize on the importance of interpersonal relations. Both insisted that personality is shaped almost entirely by the relationships we have with other people.
Sullivan’s principal contribution to personality theory was his conception of developmental stages. Each stage involves specific interpersonal challenges or tasks, and specific types of interpersonal relationships. Sullivan believed that personality change is most likely during the transitions between stages. He also believed that a persons’ personality continues to evolve from infancy through adulthood. One of his assumptions was that humans have no existence outside the interpersonal situation. His...

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