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Psy 322 Week 4 Environmental And Consumer Influences Analysis Paper

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
University of Phoenix

Consumer influences, and the environment for which they are subject play an enormous part in monetary expenditure. Society to a very large degree is a product of its environment, as we see much of our behavior subject to what is seen as the normality of its geographical population. Even so, our actions do not occur without having made a conscious decision. According to Morse (2009), “Ultimately, we are products of both our environment and our own actions - it's a question of which has more control.” This behavior is directly affected by a large number of elements, and it can be clearly seen from ...view middle of the document...

Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
This near addiction seems uncontrollable, and the local cable company, and satellite service providers compete to provide the best service for the least amount of money. Each member of the average household seeks different types of input from each devise depending on age and personal interest. Network providers offer a variety of different package deals delivering hundreds of channel viewing options, and the Internet is an endless sea of information. With local cable companies offering package, or bundle deals that deliver television, Internet, and phone communication service to the household, it becomes clear how society acts in purchasing such a product. This approach in marketing is one stop shopping that provides all of the entertainment requirements into one billing service. How much will it cost per household? The cost will depend upon the many options that a consumer can select from. How many channels, how fast is the Internet service requirement, and does the phone service include long distance. How does the average household find its way to making a marketing decision with some many options to choose from? Further, how does the cable company keep the consumer hooked on these products?
Marketing options in home entertainment have never seemed to disappoint when it comes to that next best thing. Innovation in the development of these products and services continue to drive the consumer to the table year after year. New is the name of the game, and cable companies continue to improve service, and service options with each passing year. What seems adequate today is outdated tomorrow, and the consumer seemingly strives to obtain the best possible option affordable for the individual household. Society looks to its home entertainment devices as the fastest and most dependable avenue to gain information.

Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
Seeking, and quickly having the information desired on political, social, and cultural issues a constant requirement from within each household. Conversely, as society is at least in part a product of its environment it could be stated that home entertainment devices are influenced by political, social, and cultural issues. First by the desire for information surrounding these elements, but also from societies desire to belong to its culture, need for social support system, and developed political mindset. Marketing such products as cable...

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