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Psy/315 Week 1 Worksheet Essay

927 words - 4 pages

University of Phoenix Material- Instructor: Mesha Mathis

Week 1 Practice Worksheet

Prepare a written response to the following questions.

Chapter 1

1. Explain and give an example for each of the following types of variables:

a. Nominal:
Measurement where a number is assigned to represent something or someone else. An example of nominal could be credit card numbers, social security numbers, or zip codes.

b. Ordinal:
Measurement that shows the order or rank of items. An example of ordinal could be ranking places in a contest, or test scores.

c. Interval:
Measurements that do not have a true zero and are composed of equal units. An ...view middle of the document...

|15-19 |
|Forms of Bullying |N |% |
|Electronic victims |41 |48.8 |
|  |Text-message victim |27 |32.1 |
|  |Internet victim (websites, chatrooms) |13 |15.5 |
|  |Picture-phone victim |8 |9.5 |
|Traditional Victims |60 |71.4 |
|  |Physical victim |38 |45.2 |
|  |Teasing victim |50 |59.5 |
|  |Rumors victim |32 |38.6 |
|  |Exclusion victim |30 |50 |
|Electronic Bullies |18 |21.4 |
|  |Text-message bully |18 |21.4 |
|  |Internet bully |11 |13.1 |
|Traditional Bullies |54 |64.3 |
|  |Physical bully |29 |34.5 |
|  |Teasing bully |38 |45.2 |
|  |Rumor bully |22 |26.2 |
|  |Exclusion bully |35 |41.7 |

4. Kärnä and colleagues (2013) tested the effects of a new anti-bullying program, called KiVa, among students in grades 1–3 and grades 7–9 in 147 schools in Finland. The schools were randomly assigned to receive the new anti-bullying program or no program. At the beginning, middle, and end of the school year, all of the students completed a number of questionnaires, which included the following two questions: “How often have you been bullied at school in the...

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