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Psy 265 Gender Identity Essay

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A selected few go through life confused either possessing masculine qualities as a female or possessing famine qualities as a male. Some discover which sex they are resulting in a life-long battle in search for his or her true gender identity. There are other traits that determine gender identity besides male and female anatomy and I will explain what they are in the preceding paragraphs.
The first way that a person determines one’s gender identity is through prenatal sexual differentiation. Sexual differentiation is two parts, descent of testes and ovaries and hormones. Once a person is born the genitals are developed, testes, penis, and ovaries. Development occurs more in the upcoming ...view middle of the document...

The advantage is the person can cope or adjust to both, and more likely to understand situations better. A person like this will have high self-esteem and knowledge to help both sexes. Some people frown upon transsexuals and thus most are not open about it. If I were to say both genders have some qualities and traits from the opposite masculinity-femininity, would people believe me? I am competitive does that not make me have personality trait as a male? If a woman does a man’s job, such as carpentry, machinery, or engineering doesn’t the woman have masculine traits to love what she does?
I had many factors that helped me determine my gender identity. I had girl toys such as Barbie dolls. As a child my favorite color was purple and pink, wearing the colors constantly. I did the usually girl things, dress up, playing with dolls, and playing tea time. I have four bothers and my mother helped me find my girl side. While growing up I turned into a tomboy still loving the color purple but loved sports. Living in different households I learned woman were born into a world of cooking, cleaning, and tending to the children. Men on the other hand were the hard workers making money to keep the household afloat. Although I...

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