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Psy/250 Week 2 Psychoanalytical Personality Assessment

1025 words - 5 pages

Amber Ryan/Stokes
June 23, 2012
Michele Montgomery
University Of Phoenix

Psychoanalytical Personality Assessment
Everybody is unique or special in one form or another and each personality has a theory. For many years psychologists have based theories upon individuals and I the writer will compare and contrast three well known psychologists Sigmund Freud, Alfred Alder, and Carl Jung. Sigmund Freud was one of the greatest psychologists in time he Alder and Jung’s theories were very similar but then again very different. Within these theories we will discuss characteristics with which I agree and disagree with, explore the stages of Freud’s theory explaining ...view middle of the document...

Personal urges which are unconscious comprise all unimportant thoughts and unimportant at the present time along with thoughts which were repressed due to ego threats.
Characteristics of personality through Freudian stages are oral, anal, phallic latency and genital. Oral stage is driven to satisfy ones needs of hunger and thirst. As personality begins to flourish individuals fixated within the oral stage remain corrupted with issues of dependency, attachment, and substance abuse in some cases. Anal stage is just that, defecation. Many children learn self-control readily while others over learn meaning they find pleasure in holding their bowels to have some sense of control. While some attempt to regulate in order to sustain freedom of action. Phallic stage is where sexual energy is fixated on the genitals. One begins analyzing themselves and masturbation and gender identity begins being explored.
Oedipus complex stage is a child’s desire of a sexual gratification of the opposite sex of the parental figure. To resolve tis unconscious conflict of fear and erotic desire within one must characterize themselves with whom they want to be and what they desire. Sigmund Freud believed that little girls had penis envy. In later days men had higher rank than women. Girls were thought to first have a sexual attachment to their mother which eventually transferred to the father in hopes to somehow obtain a penis. According to Freud “Classic Theories and Modern Research” Friedman and Schustack (2009) the genital stage is where an individual’s attention is supposed to develop from masturbation toward heterosexual relationships.
Freidman & Schustack (2009) “The process which the ego uses to distort reality to protect itself are called defense mechanisms.” The three defense mechanisms Freud established were repression denial and rationalization. Freud believed that “Repression is the ego’s defense mechanism that pushes threatening thoughts back into the unconscious.” Freidman & Schustack (2009). Repression is the ego or subconscious pushing threatening thoughts back into the subconscious for example if someone experiences severe trauma the mind puts into...

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