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Ps Graduation Essay

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As a young student, I attended a school that was a considerable distance from my parents. As such, I rarely got to spend time with them. Studying abroad has caused the physical distance between us to grow. I made the choice to pursue my studies abroad, though, because I recognized that the competitive education I would receive in the U.S. would, eventually, enable me secure a job near my parents. One of my personal goals is to make up for lost time with my parents, as family is important to me. I’ve spent my academic career working toward this end, and pursuing an MSA is in line with this goal.
My undergraduate studies at IU’s Kelley School of Business have exposed me to valuable financial ...view middle of the document...

In 2013, I partnered with Amway and operated a successful e-commerce business. I developed a solid customer base, generated steady monthly sales, distributed products for Fortune 500 companies, and participated in weekly leadership training sessions. This experience allowed me to improve my oral English skills; enhance my overall communication skills, which permitted me to effectively communicate clients; and become a stronger leader. I’ve also participated in activities that, while not directly related to my fields of study, have shed light on what is required to help those in need. For example, I worked as a volunteer for Youth Advocating Leadership and Learning (Y’ALL). Through Y’ALL, I helped survivors of natural disasters rebuild their communities, repair physical infrastructure, and distribute food and other necessities. This opened my eyes to not only how many resources are needed to help people adjust after their lives have been fundamentally disrupted, but also to how much good philanthropy can do. Of course, I also recognize the need for more finance-minded individuals to take up this sort of work; empathy...

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