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1. What is the Core Idea of the article, “The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy” I sent to you in the Discussion Board?

It’s the analyze of all the possible factors that must be considered before taking a decision of growing, entering o choosing a market where we want to move a company. These aspects are a generalization of all the markets and they only have to be used to give an idea or to follow a certain order. There are always individual issues of each market.
It’s also proposed to try to attack a market from its weakest point. The article suggests seeing the market from 5 different angles: Customers, Suppliers, Aspiring ...view middle of the document...

The company also makes a big effort on giving the personal anything they need, in order to keep them.

4. Please read the Case Study, “Levi Strauss & Company” on pages 69-70 in the textbook. Answer questions 1, 2, and 3 at the end of the case.

*As I don’t have the same edition, I hope I read the same article with the same questions.
About the first question, Yes, I will buy them. It’s important to the company to keep a certain level of standards. These may cost a little more per units, but we can develop also a certain public image that enhance our brand. I think Levi Strauss’ Jeans have demonstrated that’s possible and it’s important, as they have kept in the market for a long time.
About the second I think the main argument against it might be the problems between different groups of people. Maybe, not all people would be used to work or be around people of certain class, this might cause any sort of problem. On the other hand, having a diversity of workers may benefit to a public image and to create a more diversified and interesting work place, with different ideas.
About the third, I’ll choose the one with the values more similar to mine. The company with politics more green, and with a better reputation about the threat to its employees will led me approach me more to the values of the company.

5. Read the case study, “Surviving the Boss From Hell” I gave to you in the Class when we met in person. For those who could not attend class, I have attached the case study in the thread with the Midterm Exam. Please answer the question at the end of the case, Should David make a lateral move into a job with uncertain prospects and a boss he doesn’t know? Please share your analysis and reasoning as you answer the question.

I think David has been caught in the habitude. He clearly needs a change and try to be more optimistic. Life is hard and work so, but it’s important to be motivated. I don’t really know “David” I only read a few aspects of his “life”, but if he really feels that he can’t work for his current boss anymore. He should try to change. It may be better or not but, at least, he can actually keep the level he has (and I suppose the salary he may need for his baby). Despite of the secretary’s idea, Changing may give him a new perspective and more enthusiasm to look for a promotion (If that is what he searches).

6. Please read the Case Study, “United Way and the Boy Scouts of America” in the textbook on pages 106-107. Answer questions 1, 2, and 3 at the end of the Case.

* Same issue that in question 4, I hope the question and article isn’t so much different
About the first question, I understand the position he should take, and this time I think he should see as business decision. At the time, people were pretty much less tolerant on the subject. And it will affect drastically. But if it had been a problematic more recent, I would be better to take it as ethical challenge.
About the second one;...

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