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Provisions Essay

837 words - 4 pages

1-201: General Definitions
1-201(37): Security Interest
1-203: Obligation of Good Faith
1-205: Course of Dealing and Usage of Trade
1-304 (MAY BE REVISED VERSION): Obligation of Good Faith
1-308 (FORMERLY 1-207): Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights
2-102: Scope; Certain Security and Other Transactions Excluded From This Article
2-103: Definitions and Index of Definition
2-104: Definitions of Merchant; Between Merchant
2-105: Definitions of Transferability, Goods, Future Goods, Lot, Commercial Unit
2-106: Definition of Contract, Agreement, Contract for Sale, Sale, Present Sale, ...view middle of the document...

O.B and F.A.S Terms
2-320: C.I.F and C&F Terms
2-322: Delivery “Ex-Ship”
Part 4: Title, Creditors, and Good Faith Purchasers
2-401: Passing of Title; Reservation for Security; Limited Application of This Section
2-403: Power to Transfer; Good Faith Purchase of Goods; “Entrusting”
Part 5: Performance
2-501: Insurable Interest in Goods; Manner of Identification of Goods
2-502: Buyer’s Right to Goods on Seller’s Insolvency
2-503: Manner of Seller’s Tender of Delivery
2-504: Shipment by Seller
2-505: Seller’s Shipment Under Reservation
2-507: Effect of Seller’s Tender; Delivery on Condition
2-508: Cure by Seller of Improper Tender or Delivery; Replacement
2-509: Risk of Loss in the Absence of Breach
2-510: Effect of Breach on Risk of Loss
2-511: Tender of Payment by Buyer; Payment by Check
2-513: Buyer’s Right to Inspection of Goods
2-515: Preserving Evidence of Goods in Dispute
Part 6: Breach, Repudiation, and Excuse
2-601: Buyer’s Rights on Improper Delivery
2-602: Manner and Effect of Rightful Rejection
2-603: Merchant Buyer’s Duties as to Rightfully Rejected Goods
2-604: Buyer’s Options as to Salvage of Rightfully Rejected Goods
2-605: Waiver of Buyer’s Objections by Failure to Particularize
2-606: What Constitutes Acceptance of Goods
2-607: Effect of Acceptance; Notice of Breach; Burden of Establishing Breach After Acceptance; Notice of Claim or Litigation to Person Answerable Over
2-608: Revocation of Acceptance in Whole or in Part
2-609: Right to Adequate Assurance of Performance
2-610: Anticipatory...

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