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Providing Quality Service Essay

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Providing Quality Service |


This paper outlines methods, strategies, and tools in the hospitality industry to deliver the “wow” factor and enhance the guest experience. |

Providing Quality Service

The guest can be involved in several ways to provide quality service which includes being a consultant, marketer, co-producer of the experience or a manager of the service providers and systems (Ford, Heaton, & Sturman, 2012). When the hotel industry takes an assessment of the guests experience using surveys to give feedback on their stay or create small focus groups on how to improve their services, the guests becomes a consultant or expert. ...view middle of the document...

The specific service standard would be to make prompt reservations 23 hours a day and every reservation should be confirmed by letter, fax or email for which the reservation is well presented and explained (AA Quality Standards for AA Recognized Hotels, 2006).

In addition, another service standard would be carried out at the front desk or in some cases at the Bell or Concierge Desk. The front desk is most likely the first and last contact with the guests so it is important that a good impression is made. Upon arrival, guests should be helped with their bags, given clear directions to their rooms and an explanation of the hotel facilities. A service standard for this could that a reception or concierge desk be staff at all times between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00pm to ensure minimal delay for the guests. Between those hours a night auditor or a front desk clear could serve as reception.

A wow moment that I would recommend for the reservation aspect of delivering quality service is being able to either email a “Things you need to know” to the guest before they arrive. Whether it’s interesting information about the city or the hotel they will be staying at, this gives the guest a good impression before they even step in the door. Upon arrival, the hotel could create original welcome baskets or a trinket that gives the guests a taste of home. Another method of delivering quality service and applying this service standard is to have someone in the lot showing guests where to park, opening the door for guests upon arrival, having the bellman or door man run out to guest cars upon arrival to offer assistance and assisting with their bags.

One way the hospitality industry can provide better information is through technology. In this current day and time almost everyone is carrying some form of a communication device such as an iphone, ipad or android. The hotel...

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