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Prostitution Stay Illegal Essay

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Prostitution should be illegal in Canada because of various reasons. Just some of the reasons would be for Moral and Ethical reasons, to try to decrease the high rate of sex trafficking, and to put workers of this profession away from the dangers of violence, drugs, STD`s and even murder.

Taking morality and ethics into consideration, it`s wrong in every way you can think of. The fact that is has been practised for a long time now, from when the world was just growing or I guess developing should not mean that it should be legal. It is really a shameful act and these young women deserve to have a better future like any other person in society, rather than roaming from one bed to another ...view middle of the document...

Can you imagine how many more innocent girls will be promised a better life, taken from their homes and then sold into a profession like prostitution in developed countries across the world? By legalising prostitution, traffickers will have a get-out clause with the law and the people they traffick will suffer.

Most prostitutes take hard drugs as the result of trying to escape what they have started. After that, they then find that they must continue selling sex in order to pay for their next fix. Making prostitution illegal has a number of benefits in that there is now a disincentive in place for the clients where there was no real discouragement before. Prostitutes no longer have a reason not to go to the police for fear of being arrested and it allows support services to work with prostitutes with a view to finding them a way out of the profession. This has had marked success in Sweden, with Finland and Norway following the lead with no reason why it could not be employed in other countries. High rates of STD`s have been found amongst...

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