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Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution is a phenomenon that can be dated back to the very beginnings of man's history on earth. To the times of the Christian Messiah and of the Islamic messenger; it has existed as long as man was able to conceive and be conceived. Prostitution is defined as “the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment”. In other words, it is basically selling sexual pleasures to a person so as to receive money. People hold a general belief that females are the sole practitioners of prostitution; however recent research has shown that males engage in this act as well and in advanced cultures only. Globally, prostitution is shunned upon; in every area except Las ...view middle of the document...


In poor nations, young girls who are just maturing become prostitutes due to challenging circumstances where they are forced to per take in the immoral occupation. A Glasgow study reports, “the majority of women in prostitution are poor, homeless and have suffered violence and abuse.”(McLeod) Prostitution is another factor that influences gender inequality in developing nations, which counter the progress made by the United Nation's Millennium Development Goal program which involves creating gender equality and empowering women through education.

As a result of corruption in the country, the police are doing almost nothing to stop these prostitutes, they pass them on the street and do nothing, and some even enlist their services. This only serves to further encourage these young girls. As a result of such nonentity, not only does prostitution continue to spread, but its effects become even more dramatic. The increase of AIDS is very much correlated to the increase in prostitution, and also are the decrease in literary rates, as girls begin to just bribe their way through school, or engage in sexual intercourse with a lecturer, so as to pass a class. Girls regard prostitution as a means to escape poverty, however prostitution increases the rate of poverty, and suffering, as this job is only temporary, and inflicts incurable diseases such as AIDS upon the females. (Aids and Prostitution) Moreover the need to escape from poverty has extended beyond just local prostitution, now there's illegal trafficking...

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