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Prosecution Essay

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Prosecutions Proposal
Last October, a young woman who was urgently attempting to get her life back in order was heartlessly and viciously killed. The defendant refuse to accept his action in this ferociously and inhumanely act that was committed on this young lady. He will rather act as if he was insane than to man up on his responsibility. Uma Opee was adored, respected, and liked by her family and friends. Opee was not a perfect young lady, but she was a changing young lady. She did have a criminal record for minor crimes, drugs, and shoplifting. Opee followed the judge’s order and along with a plea deal she took advantage of the drug rehab program while trying to turn her life around. However, the drugs that Opee frequent ...view middle of the document...

When Opee finished rehab she distant herself from the defendant. Ms. Opee wanted to change her life and dragging the defendant in her life was only going to set her back and not help her at all. This young lady went back to school to focus on her education and she in love with her full time job. Her friends believed that she was on the right track and she was in decent place in her life while making improvement in her life and decision making. The music store was her passion and her co- workers said that she was reliable and dependable person. The defendant was seen buying a knife prior to the death of Uma Opee. The testimony of the clerk at the gun shop showed that the defendant was very rational while talking about the purchase of the knife was purchased. The witnesses that spoke on behave of the state saw the defendant go into the apartment of Uma Opee. The blood that was found in her apartment was a match to the victim and the state shown evidence to prove the facts. Dr. Juliet Bey, the medical examiner, testified to the the DNA that was found under the victims nails are an exact match to the defendant. The evidence upheld and prove that beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant indent to brutally killed and then disposed of Uma Opee corpus behind an abandoned building. The ring that Opee worn daily was missing, and this ring was in possession of the Dent the defendant. While the last person that seen her alive testified that the ring belong to the victim and she seen her with the ring on the day she went missing.
Dent the defendant is guilty of “Capital Murder” in the State of Texas. No intermediate sanctions should be proposed to the defendant. He deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison or sentence to death row.

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