Pros And Cons: Owning A Business

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Many people dream of owning a business. A restaurant is a marvelous business to own. Although it looks simple, owning a restaurant has a sufficient amount of stressful difficulties. In order to successfully run a business, including a restaurant, one must love what you do. There are many characteristics one must to possess to own a restaurant. Being an owner of such a grand business comes with ample responsibilities. Responsibilities and characteristics include the ability to communicate and solve problems with other people, money management, as well as perform and excel under stressful conditions, and multitask.

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A success business consists of people who know how to be friendly and communicate with others, such as customers. Some customers can be friendly, while others are nasty and the owner must know what to say and how to say it. Not only the owner needs to possess good communication skills, but the staff must know as well. Finding a mass of exceptional waiters requires wise judgment. The staff must have experience as well as a sense of trust. In addition to finding exceptional staff, the stress increases with time. When business slows down, bringing in money is a stressful issue and when it's busy, staff service must be on point. As summer turns into winter, advertisements are a huge part of keeping a business successful. One must know how to draw customers in. As an owner of a restaurant one must withstand the pressure! Multitasking is a valuable skill to have. One second the phone is ringing, the next second someone's at the door. You don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing. You have to know who to call when the refrigerator isn't working and who to call when there's a leak in the bathroom. At times you must have to fix broken equipment, do inventory and write checks, answer phones, cater to customers, and manage the staff, all in one morning. These difficulties might be the least of your worries; just wait until the health department shows up. The health department abides the greatest of stresses that come with owning a restaurant and they can be a nightmare.

The New York City Health Department isn’t concerned with the public’s health as much as they’re concerned with making money. Your restaurant will never be ready for the health departments surprise attacks. They show up randomly and will fine a business for everything, and anything, to make a few dollars. “Inspectors check for compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin control. Each violation of a regulation gets a certain number of points. At the end of the inspection, the inspector totals the points, and this number is the restaurant's inspection score—the lower the score, the better the Grade.” The health department will give you a violation for the simplest things that one cannot control. This includes fruit flies. If your restaurant is on the water or has an opening, you can’t control fruit flies. Another considerable problem is pipe work. The pipes in a restaurant do not affect the sanitary level of the food being processed. If there is something wrong with your pipes and you get a certain amount of violations, your restaurant will be shut down. The fines for violations given by the health department are absurd; the fines are so immense you might not be able to pay your staff for a month.

Even with the challenges, there are many pros to owning a business. One of the major ones is being your own boss, which certainly has its own perks. Nobody tells you what to do and when to do it; you are your own boss. However, you...

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