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Pros And Cons Of Technology In Daily Life And Education

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The Technology (Pro’s)

Technologies in daily life and especially in education have evolved completely into a new level. The invention it has achieved from 20 years back have multiplied. More and more children are able to benefit more from the presence of technology. A survey has also been made to confirm that most teachers thought that technology has improved the student’s interaction.

Technology benefits the education of the new generations by providing them with quick and interactive learning that can make them engage in classes. With the presence of technology students can now easily gain knowledge through the internet and eliminate the hassle of going through the search of books just to gain a specific knowledge. More than that, the technology provided now days are far more interactive and engaging towards the younger generation by the presence of educational games and educational applications.
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Without technology less disable people will have a better life. The presence of technology gave many improvement to the disable by making special programs for the blind, deaf, autist and more. The blind can now read using brailles and the deaf can now hear by using an ear piece.
In the end, technology gave a lot of benefit to every aspect of life. Without the presence of technology people wont be able to achieve a better standard. Technology adds more color to the world we are living in and most importantly the ability to live and enjoy a better life.

The Technology (Con’s)

Technology has benefit the world we are living in but in time it also damages the world we are living in. The presence of technology has affected the world negatively. With it more and more con’s appears in each aspect of life.

Technology damages the future of the next generation. Eventhough technology is benefiting the schools and students, the technology negatively encourages practicality and more reliability to technology for the next generation. In schools, the presence of technology does affect the focus of children into playing or exploring the technology (it becomes a distraction for the students).

In business world, technology kills jobs for the workers. More and more technologies are used in factories and it replaces the workforce, this creates a major unemployment for the country. Technology also uses a lot of cost for maintenance, for purchase and for staff training. All in all, technology gives a lot of problems and extra cost for the company.

Technology is also damaging individuals. It damages individuals by deteriorating a person’s patience level because of the habit of improper use of technology. It also reduces the writing skill of a person due to the amount of time spent on short messaging or chatting using unformal wording. Lastly, it also reduces the human interactivity of a person because the presence of technology has been taking a lot of our time off.

In the end, technology gives a lot of negative effect in live. It has not only been said but also proven by research. The negativity that the technology brought can give a great negative effect to the future of the world and the next generation.

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