Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

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Pros and Cons of Freedom of Speech
The freedom of speech is a political right of every human being to communicate their own ideas or opinions, using their body, or property to any other person who is ready and willing to receive them. This right is also synonymously used with the freedom of expression. Under the freedom of rights, the right to seek or receive information or impart any information regardless of medium of transformation is limited. This right as with any other has come certain limitations that and limitations to actions such obscenity, slander, libel, incitement to rebellion, violating copyrights and revealing any information that may be ...view middle of the document...

All these constitutional developments have been facilitated by the bill of rights (Bezanson, 56).
The freedom of rights has been key in the development of the press. The freedom of rights has led to many news agencies in the world. Without this freedom, it would not be possible for the press to exist. This allows all the people to speak for or against any event happening around us. Through the news agencies, we are able to commend or condemn actions that affect us. Since the freedom of speech is protected, those in the press are able to express their creativity and opinion. This freedom has enabled the press to inform and entertain us. The people who are in the press are also able to carry their duties without fear of being punished for his or her opinion (Powers, 27).
The freedom of speech has also been key to economic advancements. One is that many people have been able to earn a livelihood by expressing themselves. Many people work as analysts, comedians, and actors musician’s poets and other forms of creative arts. There other key improvements that have been beneficial to trade. It has facilitated acts such as equal pay for equal work, affirmative action, and prevention of discrimination in the workplace. It allows for people to workers being able to fight for their rights.through the freedom of speech, workers can form unions. The worker's unions help the workers to negotiate better pay for their services . Important policies such as banning of child labor have been implemented. Workers have also been able to take industrial actions or strikes to make sure that employers do not oppress them.
Another con of the freedom of rights is a context of religion. The freedom of speech implies that no one is prevented from spreading his or her religious beliefs. The church has become big and a powerful institution. The church is can give guidance and advice to anyone willing to listen. The church has been able to give its opinion on governance. The church, today, can spread the message of good to the masses. The freedom of expression means that everyone has a chance to join a religion of his or her choice. The society as a whole is becoming a better place with the freedom of expression. Teachers and religious leaders have been able to spread the message of morality and good. People have been able to influence children to become great people. People who are role models have the freedom to motivate others to be better. It has also contributed to the rise of culture and sports in the world (Powers, 29).
However, the freedom of rights also has several disadvantages. Frist is that the freedom can and has been misused by people. This right can be misused by people who want to harm or offend others. People violate this freedom by spreading false information...

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