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Pros And Cons Of Directv And Dish Network

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Kelvin Stubbs
02 September 2013
ENGL101-1303B-18 Composition and Critical Thinking
DirecTV vs. Dish Network
Through the years television viewing has evolved. Technology has supplemented our need to have entertainment right at our finger tips. Digital services now include streaming video, movies on demand, picture in picture and DVR technology (Digital Video Recorder). With most Americans living a fast paced lifestyle, no one has the time to dedicate to television anymore. Most Americans prefer to watch a show on their own time rather than watching a particular show when it airs on television. DirecTV and Dish Network are the two largest satellite television providers to offer these ...view middle of the document...

DirecTV also offers 3-D channels for free. Dish network currently does not have 3-D channels and doesn’t offer many HD channels. Both providers offer picture in picture and basic HD channels; however, DirecTV has a better quality and selection of HD channels.
Last but not least DirecTV offers the better DVR service. No longer are you required to sit and watch a particular program at a specific time. DirecTV offers a high tech DVR that allows you to record five different shows at one time. Dish Network does offer a DVR service however you can only watch HD on one television. With a DirecTV HDDVR you can view HD service on all HD televisions. DirecTV and Dish Network offer the whole home DVR experience, but only DirecTV lets you watch all of your recorded content in HD.
Quantity of channels, Quality of channels and a better DVR service are three key factors that make DirecTV a far better satellite provider over Dish Network. The quantity of channels provides the viewer with a more variety. The quality channels improves the viewer’s...

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