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Proposal To Provide Budgeting To Freshman

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Project description
Our proposal is to provide freshmen with the tools and strategies to cope with financial problems. We will provide this information through a workshop for freshmen. The workshop will educate them about credit cards and money management while in college. These skills, once acquired, will help guide freshmen toward financial responsibility and independence.

Money management involves three aspects: choosing goals for your money, creating a workable spending plan, and following the plan. The first step entails making choices, particularly, deciding on what to spend money. Most people spend earned income on essentials such as food, shelter, and clothing. Nevertheless, ...view middle of the document...

The money management workshop will assist approximately 840 freshmen at East Carolina University by improving their money management skills through information on budgeting techniques and credit cards.

Using flyers, newspaper advertisements, and Freshmen Orientation to inform and involve students in the workshop. Students will receive information about the workshop in their orientation package. Guest speakers will discuss credit cards and budgeting, and students will receive workbooks to assist them during the workshop. The workbook will serve two purposes; it will act as a systematic guide during the workshop and as a reference after they leave the workshop.

Seven workshops that will last one hour during the two days of Freshmen Orientation are planned. The first day will have four workshops, while the second day will have three.

Here is an example of a "mock" workshop:
(Money management and speakers)
        15 minutes
Speaker 1
        15 minutes
Speaker 2
        15 minutes
        15 minutes

Research has shown that college students are in enormous debt because of poor budgeting and credit card liabilities. Providing information to students to enable them to understand the principles of money management will prove to be beneficial to students' financial future. Similar money management programs, such as the one at Ohio State University, have proven to be effective in educating students.

Need/Statement of the Problem
According to the American Council on Education, about half of all college students graduate with a student-loan debt of about $12,000. Indeed, in the last decade, the amount borrowed in Stafford loans has more than doubled from $15 billion to $35 million. Studies show that over a recent three-year period, the number of students graduating with a total debt of over $20,000 has nearly doubled, as well.

Much of this total debt represents credit card liabilities. Three years ago, 67% of college students had credit cards. By 2000, 78% of undergraduates had at least one card, and 32% of those undergraduates had four or more cards. Loan balances are rising among students, as well. In 1997, student credit card debt averaged $1,879. Two years later, that debt jumped to $2,748.

Students who are most likely to fall into advanced levels of debt are freshmen and sophomores, undergraduates who, on average, have the least understanding of debt management. Although credit card companies are blamed for making credit readily available to students without providing instruction on how to use the credit card, universities are beginning to take some responsibility, as well. Many schools now offer workshops and courses in debt management to help solve these problems.

East Carolina University's money management workshop for freshmen will offer this crucial financial information. The workshop will cover such issues as handling credit,...

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