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Proposal Report

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Company: Red Hat Inc.

Team Members

Project Progress Report
Project Status Summary Percent Complete: 45%
Project Timeline:
Oct 10th | Company Overview | We analyzed about the company , its products and services, industry reports, competitors, etc. |
Oct 17th | Balance sheets and financial analysis | We met Anthony and he showed us the different databases from where we can access information. We were able to understand their annual and quarterly reports from the analyst reports. |
Oct 24th | Information Sharing on respective tasks | This week we shared a lot of information among each other on our respective tasks. |
Oct 30th | Concluding to a single ...view middle of the document...

Company information, Market Information, Latest news, Financial Data, Products and Operations, etc. and a lot more articles and analyst reports are helping us put up a good presentation report for Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat’s primary mission is to develop better software’s with the help of leaders and developers, by creating a strong base for the future of the IT industry. Currently, Red hat is moving towards Cloud platform. They believe that open technology is the key to gaining control of our future and the needs of the users. We are figuring out how it would do in this industry keeping in mind of its competitors.

Project Tasks Status

Recent Updates on Red Hat
Keeping in pace with the current scenario is also important and would be a valuable point to present in our Project presentation.
Acquired Ansible Inc.   Oct 16th, 2015
Red Hat acquires Ansible Inc. which is an IT automation company. It helps companies organize and automate cloud based applications. Red Hat made this deal with an expectation this will help customers deploy and manage cloud and other software’s.

Partnered with Citrix Oct 26th, 2015
Citrix, has partnered with Red Hat on new product integrations for building OpenStack Clouds. This joint venture will enable customers to assemble their Cloud infrastructure using components from Citrix and Redhat for the first time. Citrix unveils NetScaler which is an application delivery controller with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

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