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The LGU in its aim to attain sustainable agriculture that would in the end change the lives of the local farmers and provide food and economic security to the local people intensify agricultural programs by providing effective extension services to the local farming communities and equip them with advance technical and scientific skills via Municipal Agriculture Office under its Farmers-Scientist Training Program.

The FSTP-RDE training program in Duero was launched last November 15, 2007 and is implemented in 3 phases. Phase I started on November 30, 2006 and was culminated on May 22 of 2007. It was ...view middle of the document...

A 400 sq.m. demo farm will be set up with the Farmer-Lecturer. In addition, intercropping is introduced in this phase.

Background :

Duero is located in the southeastern part of Bohol Province 73 kilometers away from the capital city of Tagbilaran. Generally Duero is an Agricultural town. It has a total land area of 5,889.6966 hectares of which 2,954.2718 hectares is agricultural. The main occupation of more or less 80% of the populace is farming. Despite this fact, Duero populace is confronted with problems on low farm productivity, insufficient food supply, low income and unemployment among others. Per Poverty Database Monitoring 73.97% of the household is below income threshold and 63.07% of these are below the food threshold.

This grim scenario is attributed to the steady decline on farm yield resulting mostly from the farmers’ insistence on clinging to unsustainable agricultural practices, despite introduction of new technology. Continuous growth on population on the other hand has consequently resulted to insufficient food supply. Low income and unemployment is the result of underdeveloped entrepreneurship program in the locality.

Cognizant of such reality, the LGU initiated various programs that would in time address such predicament. The implementation of some livelihood interventions had partially eased out the burden of some target beneficiaries. Yet the limited funds of the LGU had forced it to be selective in picking out the program’s target beneficiaries. The LGU’s continuous endeavor to provide trainings, extension services and technical assistance to farmers had eventually stimulated some farmers to adopt new farm technology. It also started to boost the Banana Industry by linking growers to market. The LGU also endeavors to provide support mechanism to sustain the industry. However, all these programs accommodate not even one half of the farming community.

With the introduction and implementation of the Farmer-Scientist Training Program the proponent is hopeful that the problem could be contend with successfully. The enhancement of their technical and scientific capability to grow corn and other corps by utilizing appropriate technologies would consequently result to the restoration of the productivity of farmlands and capacitating them to improve their production effort from sustenance to the optimum level. The realization of Farmer-Scientist Program will ultimately serve the purpose of liberating the farming communities from the bondage of unlimited indebtedness thereby freeing them from the bondage of poverty. Moreover, this would ensure food and economic security in the locality.

Project Objective:


To boost the local agricultural industry through the provision of direct training contact with agricultural scientists to develop their technical and scientific capabilities to grow corn and other crops utilizing appropriate technology.


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