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Proposal Of Customer Satisfaction In Islamic Banking

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1.1 The Introductory Paragraph
Islamic banking refers to a system of banking that complies with Islamic law also known as Shariah law. The underlying principles that govern Islamic banking are mutual risk and profit sharing between parties, the assurance of fairness for all and that transaction are based on an underlying business activity or asset. The Islamic banking system has gained momentum worldwide. There are now 16 Islamic banks and financial institution operating in Malaysia. The popularity of the Islamic banking system is not limited to the Islamic bank only. The conventional system also interested in Islamic banking system For instance, CIMB has ...view middle of the document...

As competition in financial services industry, all the banks need to understand the customer satisfaction in their product and service. Service quality and product quality are important elements in determining customer satisfaction. In this context, quality is the key factor of consumer’s ability to select the products and services that provide a closer match to his or her needs and desires.

1.2 Problem Statement
When competition and banks start to offer more or less similar product and service, customer’s satisfaction can influence the loyalty of customer toward Islamic banking. It is importance to assess the degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty towards Islamic bank.

1.3 The Objective of The Study
Specially, this study aims to achieve the following objectives:
1) To assess the degree of customer satisfaction towards service quality.
2) To determine the effects of quality product on customer satisfaction.
3) To measure customer satisfaction influence loyalty toward Islamic banking.

1.4 The Research Questions
1) How is the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty of various aspects of an Islamic banking?
2) How is the influence of quality product on customer satisfaction and loyalty on Islamic banking?
3) How customer satisfactions influence their loyalty toward Islamic banking?

1.5 The Research Hypothesis
Research Question 1:
How is the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty of various aspects of an Islamic banking?
H1: The service quality has a significant influence on the degree of customer’s satisfaction.
Research Question 2:
How is the influence of quality product on customer satisfaction and loyalty on Islamic banking?
H2: The quality of product that launched out significant influence the customers’ choices.
Research Question 3:
How customer satisfactions influence their loyalty toward Islamic banking?
H3: Customer satisfaction has a significant influence on customer loyalty.

1.6 The Significance of the Study
This study would provide a clear sense on the customer satisfaction and preference towards the Islamic banking and directly influence the loyalty of the customers to the Islamic bank. From the study, the factors that may influence a customer’s choice can be identified. Among the respondents that have different level of education, it can be more clearly to identify that whether the Islamic banking famous among them and what level of knowledge that they have about the Islamic banking. Thus, this study is focus on the customer satisfaction and preference since it is important to keep the loyalty of a customer to a bank.


2.1 A sample of literature review
Customers in Islamic banks seriously consider whether the bank complies with Shari’ah principles in all its banking activities (Ahmad &Haron, 2002; Metawa & Al mossawi, 1998). It is suggested that, in order to gain a competitive position in...

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