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Proposal Letter Essay

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Industrial Attachment Report
The Optics department of Leica Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd producesprecision optical components for sub-assemblies and instruments. The focus of the production is on the following area:

Plano Optics
Plane and parallel plates of any shapes, filters and mirrors. Prism with tightesttolerances, cemented prism groups and special index matched optical groups.

Spherical Optics
Doublets, triples or quadruples lenses, high precision ball lenses and specialedge profile lenses with high surface accuracy, stray light reduction masking,high efficiency functional coatings and direct air gap adjustment capability.

Optical Coatings
Developing and producing optical coatings like Anti-Reflection, Beamsplitter,Mirror and Filter coatings and also special coatings.
1.2 Industrial Attachment
During the course of the Industrial Attachment, the author was working ...view middle of the document...

Data processing jobs and assisting staffs in the optics department were donethroughout the attachment period.
1.3 Report Presentation
This report summarises the work carried out and the industrial training experiencegained by the author during the period of the Industrial Attachment up to the time thisreport was documented. The discussion of the projects and jobs undertaken is dividedinto two main chapters in this report. Each project comes with a backgrounddiscussion to provide better perspective for readers who are unfamiliar with the topic.Tables, figures and diagrams are provided to enable ease of understanding of thecontent.Chapter two of this report discusses the first project that the author has dealt with,autocollimator holder design. Chapter three will elaborate on the testing,measurement and checking of optical parts done using various devices andinstruments. At the end of each chapter, the results obtained and their discussions arepresented. There were other jobs done by the author during the Industrial Attachment,but they are not presented in this report due to some constraints.The last chapter of the report will give the conclusions on the work done andrecommendations for improvements and possible next steps of work. The conclusionincludes the author’s view of the work performed and the experience gained from theprojects or jobs.

Industrial Attachment Report
Chapter 2
Design of Autocollimator Holder
In this chapter of the report, the project of designing the autocollimator holder iselaborated. Firstly, the background of autocollimator usage in the process of inspectionwill be explained. The problem aroused from the previous inspection method, which ledto the designing of autocollimator holder, will be discussed. Then, the process of designing the autocollimator holder will be described. Finally, the evaluation of the finaldesign will be explained.

Overview of the Autocollimator
Collimation is the process of aligning the optical axis of the optical system to thereference axis or surface. Autocollimator is an instrument used to check small angulardisplacements of optical part by means of its own collimated ligh

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