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Proposal For Registering And Operating Ngo In Africa

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Project title: Health promotions NGO in Africa
Type of project: Health Education
Project beneficiaries: rural households and schools
Location of beneficiaries: Africa
Duration: 10 years
Area of project implementation: Arid and Semi- arid Africa
Budget requirement: $ 550,000

Project summary
This proposal outlines a project aimed at helping the rural community in Africa deal with problems related to good hygiene practices, sanitation and healthy eating through various programs carried out by an NGO. The scope of this proposal is to outline how to register and operate an NGO dealing in health promotion in Africa.
Based on existing statistics, the ...view middle of the document...

Other developing countries in the continent are also prone to the same.
Most of the region to be covered is semi-arid. The communities here are nomadic pastrolists, hence most of their food is obtained from the animals they keep such as goats, cattle and camels. These ensure an adequate supply of milk, meat and blood. However, they have no access to other forms of nutrition, as transportation to these areas is also a problem. They rely on aid from various international organizations such as the World Health Organization, UN, US-AID and well wishers. The global Acute Malnutrition in this area is estimated to be at 30 percent, two times that set by the World Health Organization. The rate of Severe Acute Malnutrition is also 5 percent above the WHO’s set level (Nyaga, 2009).
Goals of the NGO
The purpose of this organization is to ensure that people all over the world, despite cultural, religious, racial and socioeconomic status have access to information regarding hygiene, sanitation and proper health practices. The main target for this organization is the people in the arid and semi-arid regions in Africa. Our long term goal is to ensure that all target areas have access to this information by 2030, and are able to practice these health behaviours, hence reducing the mortality rates in these areas.
Project objectives
In respect to the goals of the organization, our main goals for this project will be:
1. To successfully register and operate our NGO in africa.
2. To develop and disseminate procedural guidelines on how to handle educating the community on hygiene and healthy eating.
3. To establish strategies for delivery of education on health promotions and healthy eating in schools and at home in africa.
1. To help reduce the mortality rate caused bad hygiene and improper health practices in the region.
2. To increase awareness of the effects of unhygienic practices and poor eating habits on health
There are a number of challenges we expect to come across during the implementation of this project. Language barriers may be present as most of the people in the target area are uneducated. Most of the populations in the target area are nomads; hence this may work to our disadvantage due to their movement. It might be difficult to do follow-up evaluations. School going children might also not be able to access schools due to the need to move constantly.
Cultural factors may also be a barrier in educating these people. For instance, some communities do not practice proper sanitary hygiene such as proper excreta disposal because in their culture open air excretion is not a big deal.
Lack of necessary resources such as clean water and alternative sources of food may not allow the people to practice healthier behaviors.
Access to these areas may be a problem as in most cases there is no infrastructure in these regions.
Project implementation and management plan
The main activities this...

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