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Proposal For Preparation Of A Tourism Plan Or Policy

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Tourism Planning Environments

Assignment 2 – Proposal for preparation of a tourism plan or policy

Due Date: Week 8

Position Statement

“Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing tourism today. Australia’s tourism industry, like all sectors, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The industry is also susceptible to climate change impacts, with some of Australia’s most iconic natural attractions and World Heritage Areas particularly sensitive to changes in climate conditions” (Australian Government website, 2010). “Tourism is fundamental to Australia’s economy. The direct GDP contribution of the ...view middle of the document...

The starting point it to address the need for the accommodation and hospitality sector to have strict guidelines and procedures in place for all properties to adhere to strict rules and regulations in regards to water, waste and energy management.

The creation of a policy for a ‘rated environmental scheme for the accommodation and hospitality sector’ aims to achieve:

➢ Reducing the ‘carbon foot-print’ of all accommodation types and hospitality industries by having a set star rated environmental scheme in place. This will ensure that all properties need to at least adhere to the most basic guidelines in order to operate

➢ Educate and motivate the industry to be aware of their environment and their role in creating a better one. Not only from the view point of the industry and the staff, but also the consumers of the products.

➢ A competitive market place where consumers have a choice as to where they choose to go based on how environmentally friendly the property is, to push the industry to see past the short-term goals and look into the future.

It may only be a small step in the scheme of things, however the tourism industry and one of the largest industries worldwide.

Background Information

Effects of Tourism on Climate Change

Global climate change is probably the most severe environmental threat that we face in the 21st century (Perry, 2003). The UNWTO recently observed “that tourism is both a significant contributor to climate change and global warming and a potential victim” (Mc Kercher., et al 2010), 4.9% of global emissions were attributed to the tourism sector (Pham., et al, 2010).Our lifestyles, economies, health and social wellbeing are all affected by climate change, and although the consequences of climate change will vary on a regional basis, all nations and economic sectors will have to contend with the challenges of climate change through adaptation and mitigation. Tourism is no exception and in the decades ahead, climate change will become an increasingly pivotal issue affecting tourism development and management (Scott, 2007).

According to Wei & Ruys (cited Kattara 2002) “the hospitality industry is a major user of land, generates a considerable amount of waste and consumes significant quantities of water, energy, food, cleaning materials and other resources in its routine operations”. In recent years the impact that tourism has on the environment has been heavily bought into the light putting pressure on the industry to make changes. “The industry should seriously start to consider its role in environmental issues, as future prosperity depends more and more on the natural environment” (Wei & Ruys cited Kattara 2002).

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), 1998, “tourism operations have a direct impact on the environment”. This starts with the construction of new developments and continues during daily management and operations. Tourism facilities...

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