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Proposal Essay

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Wireless networking refers to technology that enables two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without network cabling. So basically, any technology that does this could be called wireless networking. Wireless networking presents many advantages. Efficiency improves because the convenience to information resources is increased. Network configuration and reconfiguration is simpler, quicker, and less costly. However, wireless technology also generates new threats and changes the existing information security risk outline. For example, since communications takes place "through the air" using radio frequencies, the threat of interception is bigger ...view middle of the document...

Since the introduction of firefly (Date) there has been an influx of devices within the school’s wireless network. More and more users are using their devices to connect to the network and surf the web. This is why the security feature which is added to it should be updated from dissolvable agent software, to a persistent agent software. The privacy of student’s information and data on their devices are at risk of being infiltrated. With this security update, students and faculty would feel more at ease while using their portable devices to browse the web online.

Establishment of Uniqueness:
It is not uncommon for schools and campuses with wireless access to implement security measures to them. In fact, Bradford security agent is implemented in some of the major universities like New York Institute of technology and Bates College among others. According to, The Bradford Networks dissolvable agent system is intended to produce a practical, controlled, and secure network environment. It employs three significant functions. Firstly, it guarantees that the device is checked before being allowed to connect to the firefly network, after this, there’s isolation. This is where devices that don’t comply with protocol, or the ones that create(s) a risk are denied access. Finally, acquaintances to commercial virus protection publisher web sites provide "self-service" to resolve problems with marginal delay for pc users (Bradford Networks System "Computing at SGU - Information").
However, the Bradford persistent agent offers a more secure and reliable solution. It has four advantages: It checks for Operating System updates for security vulnerabilities. If any updates are not found, the Agent reports the omission for further action. After this, the agent checks for functioning antivirus and antispyware software. If this software is damaged or missing, the Agent reports the issue for further action. Finally, it checks for current antivirus/antispyware definitions. If this software gets outdated, then it reports the issue for further action. The agent acts as a channel for messaging in the event that other means of communication are unavailable.
When comparing Bradford Persistent Agent to Bradford Dissolvable Agent, there are a lot of advantages. Bradford Persistent Agent remains installed on devices in the background while Dissolvable Agent runs only once then deletes itself. Persistent Agent pre-connect and post-connect scanning and monitoring, while Dissolvable Agent has pre-connecting, with which post-connection involves disruption in user connection. Both agents use(s) endpoint devices, dissolvable agents do not require administrative rights Rewrite this sentence because it is not clear). They are more suitable for unmanaged devices such as those belongings for guest users. Persistent Agents on the other hand are preferably used in business areas and large companies (example banks and universities), because they are safer. Administrative...

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