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Propaganda is a horrible tool that evil cruel individuals tend to use to fabricate nonfactual stories or rumors about other people. The main argument that propaganda deals with is that the opposing group is trying to make another group the enemy. Propaganda makes it easier for an evil group to get rid of the competition. To make it seem more convicting leader of the propaganda would use anything to convince others that they should all band together and get rid of the group that is trying to harm them. An example of this would be the Rwandan RTLM radio Propaganda. The RTLM radio station was the route to all the genocide that was committed by the Hutu against the Tutsi. RTLM is the propaganda ...view middle of the document...

In the articles, "RWANDA 1994" it stated the reason for why RTLM started the genocide is because the political and military leaders didn't want to share their power with the Tutsi. Their options were they could either share the power or get rid of the extra badge. Which tells me that some of the people that were at the top of the political and military team were greedy and no care for others. To make sure that no one would stop the leaders or RTLM the radio station instructed that Hutu's who decide not to help are to be killed as well. The propaganda stretched from the Tutsi to the Hutu that went against what RTLM said.
The Rwanda propaganda can be classified into at least five stages on the "Gregory H. Stanton's 8 stages of genocide". However, the three main categories that the propaganda fits in with is dehumanisation and extermination. RTLM demonstrates Dehumanisation by the rude and derogatory terms and accusations they used against the Tutsi. To include they also used posters as a way to strip the Tutsi of their human rights and dignitary. The disrespectful transcripts and posters were used to humiliate the Tutsi and make seem like their worthless. The Tutsi are pest that need to go no questions asked.
One of the things that they said on the station was "Good listeners, there have been reports that some of you have not joined your brothers in the fight to squish the cockroaches that plague or country." This statement this focus the other Hutu to want to kill because if they didn't they could be risking their lives. Which helped continue the genocide in Rwanda. As you can image RTLM, politicians, military leaders had no respect for the Tutsi you especially knew this because they killed children as well.
Extermination stage 7 is the next stage that was clearly included in the Rwanda propaganda that caused the genocide. There are numerous derogatory comments that caused the death or extermination of the Tutsi. I definitely believe that name cockroach is what help facility the murder of the Tutsi. When someone thinks of cockroach's people think of annoying pest that people need to get rid of. If you don't the problem can worsen over time. Being that this is the mindset of the individuals at the station and of some of the Hutu then that grant leeway into the extermination part of the genocide. For example, Kantano Habimana from RTLM said: "Many of them had been burnt, but they still managed to pull on the trigger with their feet and shoot."
Another statement that caused the extermination of the Tutsi is when Zeek Reed from Hotel Rwanda stated "They tricked our president with their false claims of a peace agreement and then shot his plane out of the sky. We must wipe out the rebels and crush the rebellion. They have shown us their intentions by killing President Habyarimana, and now it is time for us to show them we will not fall victim to their tyranny once more. Rwanda is a Hutu land." These two statement can cause...

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