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Project Write Up On Play Of The Way To Rainy Mountain

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Title: Project Write Up On Play of the Way to Rainy Mountain



Project Write Up On Play of the Way to Rainy Mountain

The Way to Rainy Mountain follows a short story that describes the loss of Momaday’s grandmother. Momaday is the author of the book and it takes one on his journey to his ancestral lands. It is the death of his grandmother that brings about a deeper and a personal need for the exploration of his family background. In an attempt to get close to his heritage, he decides to return to the land of his people to experience his roots first hand ...view middle of the document...

It is the death of his grandmother that would prompt his return to his natural home and take him through what is seen as a spiritual journey for him.

From his personal reminiscence as told by the authors own voice, the characterization of the play performed involved giving the audience an experience of the pain that he is going through. The characterization involved a story that appears to take on a sad and depressing tone that is associated with the death of his grandmother. One can also get a sense of loneliness as he describes the terrain as it appears to be desolate and barren. His writing seems to appeal to those in a similar situation and have lost a loved one.

The objects and places as used in the play

Firstly, the rainy mountain formed the setting and place for the place. For this to be achieved, involved the use of a huge back drop that showed a picture of the plains found in the shadow of the Rainy mountain. In the stage setting also involved a real Pepote which is a type of cactus that many Native American tribes use in their religious ceremonies so as to induce a dreamlike state.

Another significant object used in the staging of the play, as found in the book id the inclusion of the Tai-me. Tai-me was both used as an object and as a character in the book (Momaday, 1991). The Tai-me is a small idol that is less than two feet tall that looks like a human. The idol is dressed in a white robe, pendants, and headdress and is painted with symbols of the moon and the sun. For the purpose of performing the play, a Tai-me idol was purchased from the local native American ethnic antiques shop and was suspended on the left side of the front of the stage of the play. Also on the sides of the play and on the backdrop involved pictures of horses that were an integral part to the lives of the traditional Native American.

Themes portrayed in the play

The play of the way to the Rainy Mountain involved the portrayal of a number of themes, however, for the purposes of this play I...

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