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Project Risk Management Paper

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Course Project
Project Risk Management

Introduction 4
Statement of work 5
Statement of Work—Project Description and 6
Risk Analysis and Probability Matrix – Qualitative Analysis 10
Risk Register 11
Decision Tree 11
Decision Tree Analysis 11
Fault Analysis Tree 12
Fault Tree Analysis Summary 12
Conclusions 13
Works Cited 13

Sherdon and Anissa Webb have been working parents for over 18 years. Both individuals understand the hardship of starting out and making yourself marketable in the corporate world. Now that their eldest son is in college, and they have seen ...view middle of the document...

This societal change has opened the door for a new breed of Staffing/Employment agency. To accomplish this goal in the 2016 fiscal year, we intend to begin the pre-planning phase in 2015 with the final phase/launch occurring in Q4 of 2016, by following the following steps:
Phase 1: Preplan by defining the project’s scope, objectives and risk management plan.
Phase 2: Operations and Management Plan
Phase 3: Identify Licensing requirements for state/county
Phase 4: Create a Financial Plan
Phase 5: Create a Marketing Plan
Phase 6: Create Business Plan
Phase 7: Procure professional services
Phase 8: Procure Business Location
Phase 9: Implement Business Plan
Phase 10: Pre Launch Marketing Campaign
Phase 11: Job Fair
Phase 13: Pre Launch Review
Phase 14: Launch
Phase 15: Retrospective
Once the project is completed the staffing agency will be launched and ready to accept clients and employees. The staffing agency will be in compliance with all state and federal business and labor laws. The staffing agency will be ready to compete with local competitors for employee staffing orders.

Project Deliverables The services that this project will provide are: employment staffing, drug testing, background checks, resume writing and interview training.

To accomplish the organization’s goal of providing these services the following will need to be accomplished:

• Investigation of the license and insurance requirements needed for the staffing agency.
• Complete a business plan
• Complete a market analysis
• Investigate and procure financing and implement a financing plan
• Retain a business attorney, accountant and operations manager
• Research, procure and set up business location/office
• Secure a job fair location
• Market the job fair
• Purchase human resource / staffing software
• Create new hire / orientation packets
• Create SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for the business

Project Objectives Project cost is estimated at an initial investment of $10,000.00
The project delivery date is estimated at Q4 of 2016.
The quality of the project will be determined by the following factors:
• The project has completed at or under the set budget of $10,000.00
• The staffing agency is ready for launch within or prior to Q4 of 2016
• The staffing agency is a viable competitor for the staffing/employment procurement market in Atlanta, Ga
Project Assumptions The following items are assumed:
• There will be no limiting factors in obtaining licensure
• The project has an adequate budget
• No additional direct project resources will be required
• Professional assistance such as accounting and legal services will be completed by contracted professionals/companies
Project Constraints The project has the following constraints:
Budget – The budget for this project is constrained to $12000.00; this is assuming a 20% contingency.
Time- Since Sherdon and Anissa Webb are the principle resources on the project,...

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