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Project Report On Dth

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DTH (Direct To Home) is the transmission mode by which satellite TV programming can be received at home. Currently there are six main DTH providers in India, namely Dish TV, TataSky, Big TV, Airtel Digital, Sun Direct and Videocon D2H.
Direct To Home (DTH) is the primary alternative if you don’t want to depend on local cable operators. We frequently face Cable TV outages and breakdowns and in most cases the service is not dependable. Since DTH signals come directly from the broadcast satellite to the consumer’s dish, it can even reach remote places without any cable running through the streets and highways. With the widespread implementation of Conditional Access System (CAS) throughout ...view middle of the document...

Getting the desired combination of channels is more important than the number of channels in a pack.
DTH provides Movie On Demand, in which there will be specific channels where movies play at scheduled start times. These can be accessed through the service interface or DTH website or SMS. Check for the availability of the latest movies in Pay Per View (Movie n Demand) when making a decision.
All providers, except Sun Direct, provide Interactive services to interact with the TV.
Some DTH providers such as Dish TV source content from online sources like matrimonial or job services. Others like Airtel allow you to set up widgets that give information and news snippets, weather, stock updates, breaking news on the press of a button without moving from the main screen.
TataSky is the most popular DTH Service. TataSky provides 24×7 customer support in 11 Indian languages. Packages are expensive than others. TataSky provide the maximum number of interactive services.
Airtel Digital also provides a lot of innovative interactive services. Airtel provides some exclusive features such as a Univeral remote. The iNet feature provides customer with latest news, stocks from your portfolio, Bollywood gossip and the latest weather with widgets. Airtel Digital has partnered with NDTV for News widget and CNBC for stocks.
Dish TV who was awarded India’s first DTH license in 2003 and began operations in 2004. With Dish TV you can access content from and search for potential partners through the Shaadi Active service. The content is not live but is updated every week. Similarly you can access content from and ICICI Bank.
BIG TV provides better picture quality using the MPEG4 technology. BIG provides better pay-perview movies options. They provide better package pricing.
Sun Direct has a strong presence in South India, with their south centric plans. Sun Direct packages are regions and languages specific, allowing you to select channels of your preferred lanugages.
Videocon D2H combined its electronics and consumer goods background to bundle LCD TVs and DVD players with in built DTH receivers, including a DVD players that have in built DTH receiver. it provides a 12 picture in picture mosaic to browse channels. It also has tickers for stock, cricket and news updates that form an overlay over the programming being viewed. Videocon d2h also has packs for every region.
DTH TV Feature Comparison
| Tata Sky | Dish TV | BIG TV | Airtel Digital | Sun Direct | Videocon d2h |
Quality- MPEG4 | DVD | DVD | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |
DVB -S2 | No | No | No | Yes |...

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