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A project report on Mh Canada

Submitted to : prof. victor chu
Saint lawrence college

Submitted by : Marut shah

Company profile
MH Canada Inc. is a fast growing Canadian e-commerce entity known for selling a wide variety of Home and Business products for affordable prices. Currently you can purchase our products at our ...view middle of the document...

They changed their name in to aosom canada Inc. and now dealing with more vast varieties of home based products.

Aosom canada changed their name and this sounds like awesome, which means awful. Their mission is to capture a stake in the online home based retail product.

Aosom canada have a vision of best customer satisfaction in terms of product delivery and quality.

Things I learned
The warehouse visit was quit tough as the day was not good in terms with weather and then we had a problem with the address, the ambience of warehouse was familiar because I have been working in Tropicana factory, Pickering, ON. The warehouse was on Finch Avenue east and was having a great surrounding and internal conditions were awesome. The ware house was technically updated with all the latest technology within itself, the high motion camera, scanners barcodes, and computers. When we talk about the safety measures for the employees they are really so protective about their employees in terms of equipment. The forklift is...

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