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Project Proposal Essay

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Service gap analysis:
Service Gap analysis generally refers to the activity of studying the differences between standards and the delivery of those standards. It would be useful for a firm to document differences between customer expectation and actual customer experiences in the delivery of a particular service. The differences could be used to explain satisfaction and to document areas in need of improvement.
However, in the process of identifying the gap, a before-and-after analysis must occur. This can take several forms. Once the gap is defined, a service plan can be developed that will move the organization from its current state toward its desired future state. We can state the ...view middle of the document...

) Ltd. is rapidly evolving to become a leading provider of premier lifestyles. With over 12 years of experience and expertise, Equity has always given top priority to innovation and quality with a clear focus of providing investment and home ownership opportunities to its valued customers.
The Company’s mission as a Real Estate Development Company is “To provide quality product at a reasonable cost within definite time for the satisfaction of the customers through professional excellence”.
Equity aims to be pioneer in Green Building Management. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified TQM Practicing Company they have so far handed over 27 Projects, 649 Residential Units, 10,000 sft Commercial Space.
Above 20 Projects, nearly 500 Residential Units, 50,000 sft Commercial Space are under construction.

We are conducting this research to analyze the existing gaps between customers’ point of view and the actual service delivered to them by Equity Property Management. From this research the service provider (Equity Property Management.) will be benefitted because they will be provided with a clear view of the gaps and weak links of the service they provide. Customers will also be benefitted with better and improved service.

At the beginning of our work we the group members visited some of the finished and running projects of Equity Property Management. Then we collected some data for our report. These data helped up to find out the service gap of Equity Property Management. We conducted the research and analysis with some interviews and survey questionnaires.
* Interview: The Top and mid level managers was interviewed thoroughly. Questions was be open ended and...

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