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Project Priority Matrix, Wbs, And Cost Estimation

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1. Description
The upcoming project that our department would be working on is to prepare the launching of our latest product through keynote address. We believe that this will incline our company image –which end result would be incline in profit– even more than it used to be. After research and observation we have done, a rather popular way to showcase a product is with the close and personal presentation by CEO/ by chief design officer (CDO) to talk about overall product advantage and more in depth about the specification. Our projected budget is $57,000
This method presently proven quite effective, because when the people or individual behind the idea give a direct speech on how it is ...view middle of the document...

Below is the checklist for the keynote address.

ObjectiveTo hold keynote address with a purpose of new product launch with Mr. Dipan (CEO) and Mr. Z (CDO) as a speakers on the end of November. | Major Deliverable(s)VenueFood and Beverages (F&B)Technical NecessityManpowerInvitation and IDTransportation |
Milestones3rd week of Aug (w1) – Find a place4th week of Aug (w2) – Find a people3rd week of Sept (w3) – Order F&B1st week of Oct (w4) – Find a transportation3rd week of Oct (w5) – Order invitation card and ID2nd week of Nov (w6) – Gather resources, test quality and usefulness3rd week of Nov – Final check | Technical requirements * Venue is a ballroom and must fit ± 150 guests * Human resources must show experience and quality in their own area of expertise * F&B must have best quality and culturally diverse * Transportation is in form of large and medium luxury bus, and few luxury cars * Invitation letter must show time, place, etc. |
Limits and Exclusions * To our staff and board of director transportation will not be provided * Human resources for supporting the project are outsourced * F&B quantity is little difficult to determine * Some technical items might have to outsource * ID card (tag) number is undetermined | Customer ReviewRobby Ananta (Project manager)Project teamSupplier/ Outsourcing companyMr. Dipan (CEO)Mr. Z (CDO)Board of directors and staffs |

In project objective checklist our main goal is to hold a public speaking through a keynote address that will be presented by our CEO and CDO for the purpose of exclusive introduction of our brand new product in hotel X on the end of November.
In deliverable(s) checklist the major outputs that must be considered are venue, venue food and beverages (F&B), technical necessity, manpower, invitation and ID, and last is transportation. In all the aspects above the collective questions that are necessary to be asked are: where is it going to be?, what are the things that will comfort the guest?, what are the most preferred F&B for the occasion?, will F&B be safe and meet cultural diversity (halal)?, how reliable is the outsourcing companies we hired are?, how many manpower do we need?, what are their tasks?, how many invitation card we have to order?, or for whom the transportation will be needed?.
In milestones checklist there are lays what are project department required duties in terms of when all of it supposed to be done. It is useful to create a schedule in order to always keep on track of time and be on time. Without one project manager team will become reckless and resulted in delay.
In technical requirements checklist it is shown that what is the venue size, what are human resource and F&B qualifications, and format of invitational letter.
In limits and exclusions checklist shows that the board members and staff transportation are out of a count and they must come with their own vehicle at a time of event. There is a...

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