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Project Planning Management For Sukleen, Lebanon

695 words - 3 pages

American University of Science & Technology

Project Planning Management

Naëma Slimani

Project Planning Management for Sukleen in Lebanon
Assignment 1

I) Presentation

A) Company ............................................................................................................2

B) Missions and objectives......................................................................................2

C) Products and services..........................................................................................2

D) Customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.................................................3

II) Projects

Project 1 ...view middle of the document...

It hopes to considerably reduce the amount of reusable waste going to landfill. Despite its efforts to make emerge a real environmental consciousness in Lebanon, the results seem to be relatively weak.

B) Missions and objectives

The main objective of this company is obviously to keep clean the city of Beirut and its surroundings, mobilizing several people. Besides, Sukleen often welcomes schools and universities groups in its premises, in a way to show how it works, and also teach the importance of city cleaning and the necessity of household recycling.

C) Products and services

* Cleaning (manual and mechanical sweeping),
* Collect the wastes (conventional collections),
* Organization of the transfer (compacting),
* Sorting (separation of the wastes),
* Recovering (recycling and composting),
* Neutralizing (landfilling).
Through a 24 hour outline service, Sukleen offers the possibility for all citizens to ask questions about the city cleaning services, to make suggestions and complains in a way to improve its work.

D) Customers, suppliers, partners and competitors

Today, Sukleen has more than 600 institutions in the Greater Beirut area and in some villages of the Mount Lebanon and serves more than 2 million residents.
Sukleen works in partnership with Sukomi, which handles the treatment and sanitary disposal of municipal solid waste through 3 specialized divisions.

II) Projects

Project 1:
Organization of information’s campaigns in Beirut on the global warming and the environment’s preservation.

Goals: Make people better understand the importance and the necessity of the environmental preservation and the benefits of sorting and recycling the wastes.

* Provide information on the environment topic,
* Generalize the education of sorting and recycling the reusable wastes,

* Big...

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