Project Planning 1 Seitz Corp Essay

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Project Planning 1
Seitz Corp
Scott T. Walker
Keller Graduate School
PM586: Project Management
Professor Gary Gross

In January 2008 the board of directors of SEITZ Corporation authorized the expenditure of $2,750,000 to construct a new plant in Huntsville Alabama that was to be completed and delivering product by 2010. Janis Clark was selected to be the project manager.
Janice was given access to several key resources within the company including functional elements of the corporations Midwest plant and headquarters. She was also assigned key individuals Steve Pokorski, the Vice President of Operations, and Joe Downs, the Director of ...view middle of the document...

But in the real world we often get handed an assignment to develop a blue rock. And when we return with the completed and polished Blue Rock we find out it is the wrong shade of blue and the wrong size and oh by the way you didn’t polish it enough or maybe to much. Charters are typically developed in conjunction with the sponsor (Goetsch, 2006).
• Project Management will develop the project charter, scope statement and WBS and deliver them at the next board meeting. In order to avoid her management finding issue with her asking for these project documents now. Janice and her team will take steps to accurately describe the project charter, scope statement and WBS.
• Upon completion of these documents she will set up a meeting with the executive sponsor to get input and further garner support
• Once a firm grasp of the requirements is established Janice will schedule a meeting with her team to fully communicate the Charter, scope statement and WBS.
Conflicts / Risk
• Risk to the success of the project may be a factor if key support leadership does not support the project
Conflicts Mitigation
• Project Mgt. must make every effort to:
o Mend any possibly damage to relationships with co leaders
o Recognize the contribution of other organizations to the project
o Work with all organizations to foster ideas to enhance the project
o Reward all contributors to the success of the project


Goetsch, David L. and Davis, Stanley B. (2006). Quality Management, 5th Ed., Columbus, OH,
Person Prentice Hall p317 and p458-461

Project Charter

|Project Name |SEITZ Huntsville Plant |Project Number |2008-001 |
|Project Manager |Janis Clark |Prioritization |A |
|Owner(s) |Mark Green |Start Date: |1-Feb-08 |
|Scheduled Completion | |
|Date: |June 2010 |
|Mission | To build a new SEITZ Plant in Huntsville, Alabama, at a cost not to exceed $2,750,000. Plant to be operational on or before December|
| |2009 |
| |
|Scope |1) The SEITZ – Huntsville Plant is to be operational on or before December 2009 2) Have shipped its first product on or before |
| |December 2009. ...

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